Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stay away from the beaches

In James Patterson's newest thriller, Swimsuit, he introduces a new diabolical serial killer named Henri and a new hero named Ben Hawkins to his collection of characters. From Hawaii to Europe, from start to end, each chapter deals with lots of drama, crime, action for a good mystery, and in some scenes, a bit of gory, if you're not squeamish. This is the fourth book I've read from him. He keeps getting better in my opinion for a quick beach read. Happy reading!

Since it's been awhile I've updated my TBR list, here's where I stand as of now to match my Shelfari shelf. (If you prefer to see what I've read or to be read, let me know. Right now I'm currently reading When Darkness Falls and hope to finish it soon. I'll start reading Watermind and Wrong Place, Wrong Time tomorrow. Up next the book I'm going to read this weekend are Margin of Error, Low Country and Black Hills.


  1. I like James Patterson too and just finished Step on a Crack, which was good. Swimsuit sounds like another good story I will have to check out!

  2. James Paterson is a good writer and he works very hard at it. I've read many of his novels.
    Johnny Ray

  3. It’s great to have you join the 2009/10 Lisa Jackson Reading Challenge hosted at J. Kaye’s Book Blog. You'll need to create a post for the challenge on your blog to use for the URL in the Mr. Linky widget on the sign up page. In your post, include a link to the challenge page . That way your viewers can find it and join. Feel free to use the Challenge button/s as well.

    Please don't simply put your blog's URL unless you've posted this information in the right sidebar of your blog with a link. The purpose is to help spread the word. Kind of hard if you don't leave bread crumbs on your blog for others to get here.

    If you have questions, please let me know. I'll help as best as I can. :)

    Have Fun!

  4. Hi Kristen, I am replying to the e-mail you sent me about the image for my Lisa Jackson reading challenge post. If you go to J-Kaye's blog, who is doing the challenge, here is the link:


    just right click on the picture and save it to your computer and then use it for when you make your own post for the contest.. :)

    I hope I answered your question. If not just e-mail me again. :)

  5. Nice review! I'm looking forward to more Pattersons. I wonder if we'll see Ben again. Hmm. :)


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