Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Angel's Rest

If you love romance novels, you'll love this new series by Emily March. Set in the fictional town of Eternity Springs, a small and dying town, which needs more tourist for their economy. When John Gabriel Callahan finds an injured dog, he takes it to the local vet, Dr. Nicole Sullivan. And from that moment on, there's an unsettling chemistry in the air. Callahan has tons of emotional baggage as a widower who recently lost his son and wasn't looking for a new romance. Nicole had bad luck with her absentee deadbeat father who won't acknowledge her and an ex-husband. But while he's grieving and down in his luck and drunk, he doesn't know what he's missing with Nicole. And when Nicole ends up pregnant, it complicates things further. We really get to know John and Nicole through their eyes and see their complicated feelings. But in the end and with some time, they worked things out and shared their love.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pushing Up Daisies

If you love to try a new cozy series, you'll enjoy this one from Rosemary Harris. There's so many different kinds of cozies out there. But this one is different--it's a gardening cozy with some gardening tips, too. In Pushing Up Daisies, Paula Holliday was a gardener and got a surprise or two, taking on the Halcyon job for landscape architecture. But what she uncovered, she unearthed some nasty old family secrets or two. And from there, it became a dirty business for her discoveries to find out clues on some cold case mysteries. And things became trickier for her, when her life remained at risk. But there was a possible love connection to Felix, a hunky Mexican, or the hot cop, Mike O'Malley. This was an enjoyable read.

Friday, January 25, 2013


If you love a thriller series, you'll love the 16th installment in Catherine Coulter's FBI series, featuring Savich and Sherlock. In this installment, things got intense for the couple. It started with a warning in the note. When Judge Ramsey got shot down, we were thrown into a world of the U.S. Marshals. We were introduced to Harry Christoff and Eve Barbieri, two new characters into the mix. They worked together to figure out who'd targeted them, when one could've been a warning to Savich himself. We saw how close the Saviches were together, Molly Hunt was to her family, and discovered Eve's and Harry's world. Plus we also got inside the criminal world of the killer. When things got bad, it'd gotten worse. And there were many shocking twists and turns we didn't see coming with an explosive ending... and a cute epilogue in Backfire.

This thriller had a lot going on and then some. I love the pairing of Sherlock and Savich. We get to see them in action at work and at home. We get to see them as a close knit family, taking care of their son. Dillon and Lacey worked well together to save this disturbing murder. I loved the California location with the link to the US Marshals. I loved the pairing of Eve and Harry, too. I Hoped to see them featured in future novels.  This thriller would let you hold your breath and release it with every sigh.  Action-packed scenes that were riveting and compelling as well in this awesome thriller.

Check this out this weekend!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Touch of Frost

If you love urban fantasy and young adult fiction too, this series by Jennifer Estep is the one for you. She introduces us to Gwen Frost's world at the Mythos Academy, when everyone's a descendent from a god or monster or such, except for her. We see things from her world and from her eyes, as the Gypsy Girl, the new girl, with no friends and hard knocks. We see how hard it is for her to make new friends, falls hard for a cute guy, and tries to discover who she is. We see how misses her mother and bonds well with her grandmother. She's got a special gift and no special connection, until things take a twisted turn on the worst. We're warped into a mythological mystery, which places Gwen in total danger. This makes you root for the underdog, right to the end.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Night of Long Knives

In Rebecca Cantrell's A Night of Long Knives, the 2nd installment in the Hannah Vogel series, it took place three years later. left off with. She was on the run from the Nazis and Ernst Rohm with Anton, after their zeppelin trip had gotten derailed, when they were kidnapped and separated. And it lead Hannah to a dangerous turn, when people wanted to tear them apart and put them in harm's way. From Hannah's point of view, we saw her struggles on trusting people and finding some help from strangers or acquaintances along the way, while her love for Boris was real as it was for Anton, her "son."

This was another intriguing historical mystery in the Hannah Vogel series, too. I continued to care for Hannah and Anton and Boris as well. I loved the 1930s backdrop in war-torn Europe, especially in Germany. TThere were plenty of twists and turns with historical accuracy in the 1930s during the first World War, that  really takes you right there at the war front with actual reality. This would send chills down your spine and leave you breathless and aching later. Great drama, excellent suspense  and intrigue and plenty of non-stop action from start to finish. What a rush.

Will you encounter a night of long knives, too? If so, pick up a copy today!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Place Like Home

Mary Higgins Clark had been known as the Queen of Suspense. And she always delivered. In No Place Like Home, she gave us chills with shocking twists and turns. Liza Barton was wrongly accused of killing her mother and shooting her stepfather at the age of ten. Twenty years later, with a new name, a son and new husband, things weren't what they seemed, when Alex Nolan brought her old childhood home and knew her secret. One thing led to another from vandalism and pranks to a couple of murders. And she fell apart, right back in the spotlight, when she remembered the past and protected the identity. Right to the end, things come to a head with a disturbing twist, that someone's coming right after her, when she fought for her life.

I experienced cold chills, when I was read this mystery. It was very reminiscent of the true crime of Lizzie Borden. I began to feel real sorrow for Liza. I didn't like her step-father Ted nor Alex. Although he had true intentions, they weren't good. He railroaded her. I didn't like how the people picked on her and her son either. This one would leave you cold all over.

Ready to get  chilled? Give this one a try!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Blue Zone

If you love a shocking thriller, this is one that would take you to the edge of the seat. Andrew Gross had provided bone-racking chills and shocking twists and turns you didn't see coming. Kate Raab thought she had the perfect life. But when her father's arresting by the FBI, things change drastically and sending her world into a tailspin. It goes from bad to worse, when her father goes missing and people are targeting her family. We see her make some bold moves and question everyone and everything she knows and trusts and loves. And things blur along the edges and making her a prime target, when she goes find out the truth about her family and finds her father. What a rush!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Free Fall

In JoAnn Ross's FreeFall, the first installment in the High Risk romantic suspense series,  you'll be enticed and enthralled with the passion and the danger in this novel. We were introduced to former Navy SEAL Zachariah Tremayne and Sabrina Swann. They have both landed on Swann Island, a fictional island over in South Carolina, when nothing was where they seemed. Family secrets come back to haunt them, when there was a serial killer on the island, and someone who came gunning after Zachariah, too. And what brought them back to the island haunted them in a freefall like motion. We saw how troubled Zach was from his days overseas, and how he felt for Sabrina, and vice versa, when she survived a bombing in Italy. But the chemistry was red hot and smoldering like a wildfire.

This was another heart-pounding and explosive romantic suspense. I came to care about Zach and Sabrina, when they've escaped dangers overseas. I liked the Swann Island location off in South Carolina, since it sounded idealistic for the perfect small town location with hidden dangers. This would make you heart pound and swell with every turning page, until you can't stop reading until the ending. Great drama, excellent suspense, romance, intrigue with mystery, and lots of dangerous traps along the way.

Will you be freefalling today? If so, catch a copy today!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

And When She Was Good

Best-selling mystery author Laura Lippmann of the Tess Monaghan series  takes us in a new journey and a darker side in her first thriller. We're introduced to Helen Lewis, someone who have lived an ordinary life with some bad shady secrets, and then to Heloise Lewis, a grown-up Helen with a son and caught up with her past. We see how Helen becomes  present day Heloise and her shaky lifestyle, while she protects her son and keeps everything in check and a distance from others, as when there's a murder or two in her secret new life. And someone has in it for her. They're after her for blood with a shocking twist of its own in the ending that really shakes things up. What a bold transition from mystery to thrillers in a heartbeat, like Nevada Barr a decade ago with her own thriller titled 13 1/2.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gone Girl

If you haven't read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn last year, you've missed a lot. In her third best-selling thriller, she takes her into a dark side we've never seen. Meet Amy and Nick Dunne. They once had a perfect marriage, until Amy goes missing on their 5th wedding anniversary. And in this thriller, we get to see both sides of the story--twisted, wicked, warped and dark for this psychological thriller. While the investigation is intense for the search for Amy, we see what happens later. Things aren't really cracked up to what it seems. Without giving away too much of the plot, you've got to read this and watch out for the shocking ending. Whose side are you on? And since this is being developed by Reese Witherspoon's production company, I can see Reese as Amy to a movie near soon. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Savannah Breeze

If you love a great woman's fiction novel, you're in for a good time in Savannah Breeze. Meet Bebe Loudermilk. When she falls for a good looking guy, he ended up taking her up for a ride and her money too. And when she find out, he's going to have help to pay. There's humor, intrigue, romance and a great storyline that adds a hint of mystery to it. We'll see how she turns things around on Tybee Island and shapes up a rundown inn. That's when she meets Harry Sorrentino. With her best friend's help and her grandfather too, they go to Florida with a possible lead. In the end, you'll be rooting for Bebe and Eloise for sure. They're two of a kind and loads of fun, when this teaches you about life's material things and trusting one another with love.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Lemon Meringue Pie Murder

If you like nice warm cozy series, this is the one for you. In the fourth Hannah Swensen installment, poor Hannah is in a pickle. Two men are after her affections, and she'd sworn off investigating murders. But when someone else she knows dies, her close family and friends ask her to look into it with the police's support, when she relents. Between running her bakery and catering parties, while prepping for the 4th of July parade, she learns new information on the victim's murder and her life. Things look interesting, when her baby sister Michelle arrives into town. And strange things have been popping up. We see Hannah worried about her weight and her affections for two men, with her intervening mother, and someone she knows bears an evil heart and come gunning after her, when she puts the pieces together. We root for Hannah's bravery and watch how this love triangle unfolds, and love her yummy recipes!

My Read Author List, part 2: L-Z

Here's a list of authors I've read throughout the years, from L-Z.  I'll be reintroducing the genre/subgenre codes for this list, too. Please let me know your thoughts on who you've read or who you haven't read. I'll be adding new authors at the end of every month in this same blog post. New: Each new author will be underlined for one month, every time I update my list.


Lesley LaFoy-Historical Romance (HR)
Lorna Landvik-Literary Fiction (LF)
Judy Larsen-Woman's Fiction (WF)
Stephanie Laurens-HR
Lora Leigh-Paranormal Romantica (PR)
Jim Lehrer- Mystery/Literary Fiction (M/LF)
Donna Leon-Mystery (M)
Laura Levine-Cozy (C)
Sherry Lewis-C/R (Cozy/Romance)
Hayley Lind-C
Johanna Lindsey-HR
Laura Lippmann-M
Brian Littlefair-Science Fiction (SF)
Liz Lipperman-C
Kylie Logan-C
Julia London-HR/R
Elizabeth Lowell-Romantic Suspense (RS)
CJ Lyons-Medical Thriller (MT)


Debbie Macomber-R
Rett MacPherson-C
Susan Mallery-R
Emily March-R
Philip Margolin-Legal Thriller (LT)
Margaret Maron-M
Nancy Martin-C
Steve Martini-LT
Richard Mason-Thriller (T)
Amanda Matetsky-C
Katie McAllister-PNR (Paranormal Romance)
Luann McLane-WF
Judith McNaught-HR/R
Karen McQuillen-M
Teresa Medeiros-HR
Marliss Melton-RS
Brad Meltzer-T
Fern Michaels-M/HR/R
Kasey Michaels-M/HR/R
Linda Lael Miller-R/HR/PNR
Kyle Mills-Eco-thriller (ET)
Jacqueline Mitchard-WF
L.M. Montgomery-YA-Teen (YA)
Karen Moning-Urban Fantasy (UF)
Hunter Morgan-RS
Boyd Morrison-T
Thomas Mullen-Historical Fiction (HF)
Marica Muller-R
Tamar Myers-C


John Nance-Aviation Thriller (AT)
Carla Neggers-T
Radine Nehring-C
Chloe Neill-PNR
Linda Nichols-Christian/inspirational romance (C/IR)
Brenda Novak-RS


Kevin O'Brien-T
Thomas O'Callaghan-T
Erin O'Rourke-M
Perri O'Shaughnessy-LT
Janette Oke-Christian/historical/inspirational romance (C/H/IR)


Jennifer Paddock-WF
Katherine Page Hall-C
Diana Palmer-R/HR
Michael Palmer-MT
C.M. Palov-T
Sara Paretsky-M
Barbara Parker-M
Vince Passano-M
James Patterson-M
Laura Pedersen-YA
Joanne Pence-C
Louise Penny-M
Kate Pepper (aka Katia Lief)-T
Elizabeth Peters-Historical Mystery (HM)
Carly Phillips-R
Jodi Piccoult-WF
Rosamund Pilcher-WF
Jason Pinter-T
Belva Plain-R
Douglas Preston (w/Lincoln Child)-Horror (Ho)
Mary Jo Putney-HR


Amanda Quick-HR


Keith Raffel-M
Ian Rankin-M
Cornelia Read-M
Kathy Reichs-T
Ruth Rendell-M/T
Luann Rice-WF
Jana Richman-WF
Ann Ripley-C
Rick Riordan-M
Karen Robards-RS
JD Robb-Futuristic Thrillers (FT)
Nora Roberts-RS/R/HR
James Rollins-T
Karen Rose-RS
M.J. Rose-T
Nancy Taylor Rosenberg-LT
Sara Rosett-C
JoAnn Ross-RS
Jennifer Rowe-M
Diana Rowlands-UF
Penny Rudolph-M
Kirk Russell-ET


Sharon Sala-RS
John Sandford-M
Tom Schreck-M
Michele Scott-C
Lisa Scottoline-LT
D.R. Shankel-T
Paige Shelton-C
Sharon Short-C
Anita Shreve-WF
George Shuman-T
Anne Rivers Siddons-WF
Clea Simon-C
Nalini Singh-PNR
Karin Slaughter-T
Nicholas Sparks-R
Erica Spindler-T
Roxanne St. Claire-RS
Dana Stabenow-M
Wendy Corsi Staub-T
Danielle Steel-R/HR
Neal Stephenson-ET
Mariah Stewart-RS/R
Jonathan Stone-M
Andy Straka-M
Anne Stuart-HR/RS
Denise Swanson-C
Leeann Sweeney-C


Jon Talton-M
Cheryl Kaye Tardiff-Suspense/YA (Suspense/YA)
Lou Jane Temple-C/HM
Nancy Thayer-WF
Carlene Thompson-RS
Brad Thor-T
PJ Tracy-M
Jeanne Treat-Young Adult Fantasy (YAF)
Kathy Trocheck-M
Lisa Tucker-WF
Scott Turow-LT


Brady Udall-LT
Lisa Unger-T


Eric Van Lustbader-T
Elaine Viets-C

W and Y

Jill Paton Walsh-M/HM
Mary Welk-C
Melinda Wells-C
Kate White-M
Lori Wick-C/I/HR
Susan Wiggs-R
Sherryl Woods-R
Stuart Woods-M
Sue Owens Wright-C
Allen Wyler-MT
Marcus Wynne-T
Laura Young-C