Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Angel's Rest

If you love romance novels, you'll love this new series by Emily March. Set in the fictional town of Eternity Springs, a small and dying town, which needs more tourist for their economy. When John Gabriel Callahan finds an injured dog, he takes it to the local vet, Dr. Nicole Sullivan. And from that moment on, there's an unsettling chemistry in the air. Callahan has tons of emotional baggage as a widower who recently lost his son and wasn't looking for a new romance. Nicole had bad luck with her absentee deadbeat father who won't acknowledge her and an ex-husband. But while he's grieving and down in his luck and drunk, he doesn't know what he's missing with Nicole. And when Nicole ends up pregnant, it complicates things further. We really get to know John and Nicole through their eyes and see their complicated feelings. But in the end and with some time, they worked things out and shared their love.

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