Friday, January 25, 2013


If you love a thriller series, you'll love the 16th installment in Catherine Coulter's FBI series, featuring Savich and Sherlock. In this installment, things got intense for the couple. It started with a warning in the note. When Judge Ramsey got shot down, we were thrown into a world of the U.S. Marshals. We were introduced to Harry Christoff and Eve Barbieri, two new characters into the mix. They worked together to figure out who'd targeted them, when one could've been a warning to Savich himself. We saw how close the Saviches were together, Molly Hunt was to her family, and discovered Eve's and Harry's world. Plus we also got inside the criminal world of the killer. When things got bad, it'd gotten worse. And there were many shocking twists and turns we didn't see coming with an explosive ending... and a cute epilogue in Backfire.

This thriller had a lot going on and then some. I love the pairing of Sherlock and Savich. We get to see them in action at work and at home. We get to see them as a close knit family, taking care of their son. Dillon and Lacey worked well together to save this disturbing murder. I loved the California location with the link to the US Marshals. I loved the pairing of Eve and Harry, too. I Hoped to see them featured in future novels.  This thriller would let you hold your breath and release it with every sigh.  Action-packed scenes that were riveting and compelling as well in this awesome thriller.

Check this out this weekend!

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