Sunday, January 13, 2013

Free Fall

In JoAnn Ross's FreeFall, the first installment in the High Risk romantic suspense series,  you'll be enticed and enthralled with the passion and the danger in this novel. We were introduced to former Navy SEAL Zachariah Tremayne and Sabrina Swann. They have both landed on Swann Island, a fictional island over in South Carolina, when nothing was where they seemed. Family secrets come back to haunt them, when there was a serial killer on the island, and someone who came gunning after Zachariah, too. And what brought them back to the island haunted them in a freefall like motion. We saw how troubled Zach was from his days overseas, and how he felt for Sabrina, and vice versa, when she survived a bombing in Italy. But the chemistry was red hot and smoldering like a wildfire.

This was another heart-pounding and explosive romantic suspense. I came to care about Zach and Sabrina, when they've escaped dangers overseas. I liked the Swann Island location off in South Carolina, since it sounded idealistic for the perfect small town location with hidden dangers. This would make you heart pound and swell with every turning page, until you can't stop reading until the ending. Great drama, excellent suspense, romance, intrigue with mystery, and lots of dangerous traps along the way.

Will you be freefalling today? If so, catch a copy today!

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