Saturday, January 5, 2013

Savannah Breeze

If you love a great woman's fiction novel, you're in for a good time in Savannah Breeze. Meet Bebe Loudermilk. When she falls for a good looking guy, he ended up taking her up for a ride and her money too. And when she find out, he's going to have help to pay. There's humor, intrigue, romance and a great storyline that adds a hint of mystery to it. We'll see how she turns things around on Tybee Island and shapes up a rundown inn. That's when she meets Harry Sorrentino. With her best friend's help and her grandfather too, they go to Florida with a possible lead. In the end, you'll be rooting for Bebe and Eloise for sure. They're two of a kind and loads of fun, when this teaches you about life's material things and trusting one another with love.

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