Friday, July 30, 2010

Dying Breath

If you love good thrillers, you'll enjoy Wendy Corsi Staub's Dying Breath. This one is set in New Jersey and mainly at the New Jersey shore. Camden Hastings has developed psychic versions of missing teenagers, while she discovers her newfound pregnancy. She's struggles being a single mom to her teenage daughter and still love her estranged husband. She has dealt with the memories of an absent mother, a lost sister, and visits from her father. One by one, those visions come true, during that summer. And this deranged serial kidnapper and killer might becoming after her daughter next, when she comes close of realizing who it is, before it's too late. What an action great read. Dying Light is a sequel, which came out last year--I'll be reading it next year

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two for the Dough

Earlier this year, I've read One for the Money and loved it. It has a bit of a cozy, chick lit and romantic comedy in it. Now, I've finished the second book in the series, Two for the Dough, when Stephanie butt heads with Morelli, as things heat up for them, as they're after a maniac who chopped off body parts from dead bodies. Plus, he's also Morelli's cousin. As Stephanie closes in on him, her life and her family's lives are in danger, when she comes neck to neck with him to the end. A great read with lots of humor to make you smile. I'll be reading more hopefully this fall or next year.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


In the second installment of the Faye Longchamp series by Mary Anna Evans, Relics, the adventure continued for Faye and Joe, when they were at an archaeological dig in Alabama. The loyalties were divided by two racial neighborhoods--the Sujosa and the Alcaskians, when a hidden secret was unearthed from old history. It started out with fire, when things escalated and gotten out of hand. The chemistry between Faye and Joe continued from partners to friends and possibly something more. When someone was murdered, things had worsened from there between both rival gangs, until Faye and Joe discovered who's the culprit, and then they might be next on the list. A great read for the series.

This was another good read for the series. I loved how it continued with the deep south theme, like this one in Alabama. I liked how Joe and Faye worked together, when the chemistry between them grew and blossomed into love and romance. I thought the racial divide in this mystery was pretty good and spot on as well. I continue to love the archeological theme, when this book was a treasure of its own. Good drama,  nice hint of romance, and plenty of intriguing action from start to finish.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


In this sequel of Copycat, Kitt and M.C. returned in Erica Spindler's Breakneck. In the second installment of the Kitt Lundgren series, when Matt Martin was killed, it was up to the detectives to find out why. When it hit close to home for M.C. twice, they tried to connect the dots, especially when the FBI was involved. Enthralled into a net of cyber-thieves, it was now up to Lundgren and Riggio who was in charge of it all. In the middle of winter, it was up to Kitt, who was trying to resuscitate her marriage, and M.C., who was personally involved into this mess, to work together as a team, right to the end. Lots of action-packed chapters to keep you guessing to the very end.

This was another shocking good thriller, when it dealt with cyber-crime. We continue to care more for MC and Kitt, who were both going through some hard time and tough decisions in their lives. Once again, Kitt wanted more redemption in her career and fix things that were once broken in her life. For MC, she'd been dealt a hard blow in her life. I cried when she lost her fiancé, and when there was some friction between Joe and Kitt. I also grieved for Matt Martin's family as well. I felt all sorts of mixed emotions in this novel.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Sense of Evil

In Kay Hooper's Sense of Evil, the 6th installment in the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series, it was set in a small town in North Carolina, when a serial killer have targeted women. It was up to Agent Isabel Adams and Chief Rafe Sullivan to make the connection from two previous serial killing sprees from the past to this one, and find out who was really out for blood. With the help from Isabel's partner, Hollis, they searched for connections, while Isabel used her powers and discovered a connection between herself and Rafe. And when they realized who it was in the end, it really hit close to home.

This was another terrific paranormal thrilling read in the series. This one gave me more bone-cold chills and plenty of more thrills than before. I love the combination of the psychic paranormal genre with the thriller concept. It really worked out well. I loved the small town connection in North Carolina as well for the location and setting. Great drama, very good non-stop action and suspense with plenty of twists and turns with intrigue and a mystery for sure.

Will you discover a sense of evil, too? If so, take heart with a copy today!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet Man is Gone

If you love new mysteries with a twist, you'll enjoy Sweet Man is Gone. Elizabeth "Maxx" Maxwell is trying to get her blues band started before their first gig. But things fall apart, when their guitarist, Jimmy Nashville, was found died. From that moment on, things get hectic, when Stan, an ex-guitarist, gets in their way for a second chance, and trying to find a replacement guitarist gets hairy, when people are canceling out on them. There's tension in the bend, when Jimmy's girlfriend is found dead too. It's up to Maxx to find out who killed them, before she would sing her last blues tune.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Strawberry Shortcake Murder

Earlier this year, I've read the first book in the Hannah Swensen cozy series, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder. Now I've recently read the next installment, the Strawberry Shortcake Murder. In this book, Hannah's in charge of a bake-off contest as one of the judges, when she gets involved into the next murder, just weeks after she helped solve the first one. Still in winter, Boyd Watson's is found dead. And everyone is a suspect, including his wife Danielle. When Lucy Richards sneaks around for the scoop, she becomes suspicious and becomes missing days later. That's when Hannah discovers her blackmail scheme before she finds Lucy dead. It's up to Hannah to connect the dots before she becomes the next victim. Plus, she's still in the middle of a love triangle between Norman and Mike. As always, it includes yummy recipes. I'll be reading the third book next month.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family Ties

This was another beautiful romance by Danielle Steel. It dealt with the affairs of the heart. In Family Ties, Annie Ferguson lost her sister and brother-in-law in a plane accident, when she was 26, and inherited their three children, who she loved so much. Since then, she placed her life on hold, raising them, and worked hard on her career. Years later, they've all grown up, when Annie needed time for them to grow on their own and learn by their own mistakes. Her oldest niece Liz was a fashion editor for a magazine and traveled back and forth to France and back, when she discovered her French lover cheated on her, and promised she won't fall for those mistakes again. Her nephew Ted fell for an older manipulative woman, who put his live through emotional hell, and fought to escape from her clutches. And her youngest niece, Kate, fell for a boy who came from a different country and culture, and learned the hard way, why it won't work out. While Annie juggled family and work, she did find the right guy for her to fit into her circle of family.

Careless Whispers

This is my third romantic suspense I've read from Lisa Jackson. This version is an expanded newer version from the original she released years. In Whispers, Claire St. John returns to her small town in Oregon, when a 16-year old murder is being uncovered by Kane Moran, her former lover. In the first half of the book, you'll learn about the scandal in the present. In the second half, we'll rewind back in time to what lead to the scandal, as Claire and her two sisters, Miranda and Tessa, each share a hidden secret, that's about to be discovered. Lies are kept and whispers are brought to the small town. In the last half, we're back to the present, when the truth comes out, as both worlds collide with a happy ending. I love the pairing of Claire and Kane.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On What Grounds

 In On What Grounds, the first installment in Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse Mystery cozy series, Clare Cosi returned to the Coffeehouse she used to own and manage in New York, when she discovered one of her baristas had been assaulted. When the police arrived, she told them her story on how she'd found Anabelle Hart, which they had deemed an "incident." To make matters worse, Clare was out to prove them wrong, when her ex-husbands returned, who was jealous of handsome Detective Michael Quinn, in which Clare was attracted to, a meddling ex-mother-in-law who was matchmaking again, and her daughter Joy's surprise visit with her boyfriend. Plus, there was a secret third party, who wanted to run the Village Blend to the ground. A great new cozy series set in New York with good coffee info and delightful coffee recipes.

This was a terrific new cozy mystery series that featured a coffeehouse with some coffee recipes.  I cared for Clare and could see the chemistry between her and Mike brewing like fresh ground coffee. I also liked her daughter Joy and felt sorrow for poor Anabelle. This would make you mind percolate of some ideas on who wanted to harm Anabelle and run Clare's coffeehouse to the ground. I love the central New York City theme for the location and the Village Blend for the settings. Great drama, excellent non-stop action, and plenty of great intrigue for this powerhouse of a cozy.

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Country-fried love triangle!

If you love a good contemporary romance with a hint of Southern fiction and some humor of chick lit, you'll enjoy Luann McLane's Dark Roots and Cowboy Boots. Jamie Lee Carter, a beautician at Hooterville, is in a bind. When Parker Carrington, a Hollywood producer comes to her town to scout a location for his movie, she falls in love with him. But, for Griff Sheldon, her brother's best friend and long-time crush, he warns Jamie Lee on his type. Scorned from a past of what might've been, between Griff and Jamie Lee, while she's dating Parker, she still loves Griff, who treats her like a little girl. She's in sort of a love triangle, when Griff at one time, kisses her while drunk, sends Jamie Lee's hearts soaring, she realizes she's in love with him, and tries everything to get his attention, even sleeps with him. In the long run, she does get a man. A great perky romance.

Cross Roads

In Fern Michaels's Cross Roads, the 18th book in the Sisterhood of the Vigilantes series, they were back with a vengeance. One-and-a-half-years later, after they were pardoned and went on their separate lives, they were bored and missed each other. When some of the members were somewhat hijacked by an elite group of people in the military, they wanted the Sisters to go after Hank Jellicoe, who had separated the girls and had spread rumors of a hit on the President. They wanted him to route him out. Before they could decide, they talked amongst themselves about going vigilante again, undercover again, and discover the truth... with a price. They wanted dibs on Jellicoe and blanket immunity. Once it was accepted, they would go after him and find out who else was on it to disturb and ruin their lives, when they returned back to Pinewood for good.

This was another great mystery with tons of romance and plenty of drama. I cared about all the Sisterhood and the men in their lives and despised Jellicoe for who and what he was. I've read many installments in this series, but haven't read all of them or the newest ones up to date. I loved Pinewood and the D.C. area for the locations and dual settings for this series. This one packed a lot of heat and a lot of tension, too. You would be rooting for them for sure. Great drama, plenty of intrigue and suspense, and lots of mystery to take center stage.

Will you find yourself at your own crossroads, too? If so, pick up a copy today!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Last Cowgirl

Yesterday I finished a good story called the Last Cowgirl. This is mainly literary fiction with a hint of historical fiction, due to flashbacks. Darlene Ruth "Dickie" Sinfield returns back to Clayton, Utah, when her brother is killed and goes to his funeral. This middle-aged city girl revisits the town she hated with flashbacks to the 1960s and 1970s, to the new town she once hated, from suburban life to ranch life with her family, her best friend Holly, her first love Herbert "Stumpy" Nelson, and her calling as a cowgirl on a ranch. She deals with mixed emotions, since she has a significant other and the job she loves. In the end, she learns that home is where the heart is. Kristen