Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Country-fried love triangle!

If you love a good contemporary romance with a hint of Southern fiction and some humor of chick lit, you'll enjoy Luann McLane's Dark Roots and Cowboy Boots. Jamie Lee Carter, a beautician at Hooterville, is in a bind. When Parker Carrington, a Hollywood producer comes to her town to scout a location for his movie, she falls in love with him. But, for Griff Sheldon, her brother's best friend and long-time crush, he warns Jamie Lee on his type. Scorned from a past of what might've been, between Griff and Jamie Lee, while she's dating Parker, she still loves Griff, who treats her like a little girl. She's in sort of a love triangle, when Griff at one time, kisses her while drunk, sends Jamie Lee's hearts soaring, she realizes she's in love with him, and tries everything to get his attention, even sleeps with him. In the long run, she does get a man. A great perky romance.

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  1. I loved this story! I won this back before it came out, as an ARC and it's still on my shelf with the keepers. I'm not normally a "perky story" reader, but this was so awesome! I'd recommend it to anyone who needs a little light romance!


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