Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Strawberry Shortcake Murder

Earlier this year, I've read the first book in the Hannah Swensen cozy series, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder. Now I've recently read the next installment, the Strawberry Shortcake Murder. In this book, Hannah's in charge of a bake-off contest as one of the judges, when she gets involved into the next murder, just weeks after she helped solve the first one. Still in winter, Boyd Watson's is found dead. And everyone is a suspect, including his wife Danielle. When Lucy Richards sneaks around for the scoop, she becomes suspicious and becomes missing days later. That's when Hannah discovers her blackmail scheme before she finds Lucy dead. It's up to Hannah to connect the dots before she becomes the next victim. Plus, she's still in the middle of a love triangle between Norman and Mike. As always, it includes yummy recipes. I'll be reading the third book next month.

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