Tuesday, July 20, 2010


In this sequel of Copycat, Kitt and M.C. returned in Erica Spindler's Breakneck. In the second installment of the Kitt Lundgren series, when Matt Martin was killed, it was up to the detectives to find out why. When it hit close to home for M.C. twice, they tried to connect the dots, especially when the FBI was involved. Enthralled into a net of cyber-thieves, it was now up to Lundgren and Riggio who was in charge of it all. In the middle of winter, it was up to Kitt, who was trying to resuscitate her marriage, and M.C., who was personally involved into this mess, to work together as a team, right to the end. Lots of action-packed chapters to keep you guessing to the very end.

This was another shocking good thriller, when it dealt with cyber-crime. We continue to care more for MC and Kitt, who were both going through some hard time and tough decisions in their lives. Once again, Kitt wanted more redemption in her career and fix things that were once broken in her life. For MC, she'd been dealt a hard blow in her life. I cried when she lost her fiancé, and when there was some friction between Joe and Kitt. I also grieved for Matt Martin's family as well. I felt all sorts of mixed emotions in this novel.

Ready, set, go! If you're hungry for more, check out a copy of this thriller right now!

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