Monday, February 29, 2016

If She Only Knew

In Lisa Jackson's If She Only Knew, the first installment in the San Francisco romantic suspense series, this thriller would leave you at the edge of your seat, breathless. It all started with Marla Cahill's car accident, which left her in a coma. When she woke up, her family were nothing but strangers to her, while she had no memory of anything. Not even in the crash. Back in her family home, she recovers and starts to recover her memories, leaving her in peril for her health and safety. Somehow she was drawn to her brother-in-law and more distant to her husband. Meanwhile, someone killed people to get to her, all for a blood thirst for her family money. In the end, when she discovered the truth of the crash, she knew who she really was and how she needed to get out, before it was too late to discover her true identity. Is she really Marla Cahill or somebody else?

This romantic suspense would leave you hanging at every page and your spine tingle. I loved the dual locations of California and Oregon for the picturesque scenery in the settings and locations. I cared for "Marla" and her plight, while they was a growing attraction between her and Nick. I didn't like Alex and the whole sick plot I can' t give away until the end. This would chill the marrow of your bones and leave you numb all over, head to toe. This has non-stop action, drama, suspense, and plenty of romance from start to finish.

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cold Frame

In P.T. Deutermann's, Cold Frame, he had given us an exceptional thriller that deals with the world of counterterrorism. For Detective Sergeant Kenneth "Av" Smith, he worked for the Metro Police Department's Interagency Liasion Bureau (ILB) on bouncing cases to the FBI. But it all started with the murder of Francis McGavin, who was a member of the secret NSA agency called the DMX. But when they investigated it, things gotten out of hand. They tried to connect the dots, when Ellen Whiting who worked for the FBI, had explained her role in the investigation to bring them down. But not if Carl Mandeville, the leader of that rat pack, had anything to do with it. Things had gotten sticky, when another member of DMX was left cold with a violent chill with a poisonous plant. The deeper they investigate these murder, the more Av's smith were on the line, when they try to dispose of him. But in the end, when he escaped from their clutches from their unlikely friends, it would be Mandeville who would have the final word.

This was an amazing and stellar novel that focused on the war on terrorism. I cared about Av Smith and his crew at the ILB, even Precious Jones and the amazing Ellen Whiting. I thought Hiram Walker was an intriguing man. I loved the Washington D.C. area locations and central settings for this gripping novel, both sides of the border. This would take you into the world of counterterroism with every explosive page that would leave you at the edge of your seat. This is a book you can't put down and leave you hanging with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and suspense.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Death of a Kitchen Diva

In Lee Hollis's Death of a Kitchen Diva, the first installment in the Hayley Powell Food & Cocktail Cozy mystery series, get ready to sink into a juicy murder. For Hayley Powell, a single mother of two, who works for the local newspaper in Bar Harbor, Maine, she wanted a raise from her boss. When the local food and drink columnist retired, he gave her the scoop to take it over and give it a try. If successful, he might up her salary a tiny bit. Little did she know, that she would deal with a rival named Karen Applebaum, and become the prime suspect for her murder. In order to clear her name, she decided to investigate the matter for herself and learned some dirt with her two friends beside her. The closer she had gotten to the truth, the more her life was at stake, when the real culprit was revealed before it's too late.

This was a delectable new culinary cozy series debut. I cared about Hayley and her two kids, while she tried to make two ends meet. I couldn't much stand Bruce, but thought Sergio and Randy were a cute gay couple. I loved the Bar Harbor Maine for a central location and settings for a food and drink cozy series. It was tropical, like it was set in Florida, and light and airy with the descriptions. This fast-paced cozy would charm you with delicious food and drink recipes, and enchant you with splendid drama, intrigue, a hint of romance and tons of mystery.

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lights Out Tonight

In Mary Jane Clark's Lights Out Tonight, the 9th installment in the KEY News thriller series, this fast-paced novel takes center stage of an off-Broadway local play. For Caroline Enright, newly married and dealing with her step-daughter's issue, she worked for the local Key News in the Boston area, trying to get her leg up to advance her career. When Belinda Winthrop, a well-known actress to take the stage in a pivotal role for the play goes missing, everyone's a suspect. It's  up to the people to know her best a person of interest. The director? The understudy? Her caretaker? Or an reclusive artist? Or others? As Caroline looked for clues, Meg's life became periled with the killer, it became clearer why she would do it or why, before it would be lights out tonight for them.

This was a fascinating thriller novel that focus on acting and what would it takes to put on a successful play. I cared about Caroline on how she balanced her marriage and her career. I cared about Meg and glad she warmed up to Caroline in the end. I did become worried about her relationship with Nick. I didn't like Victoria or Gus that much--Langley was all right. The Boston area was a sublime location to give us great settings, even behind the stage. This would take you on a pleasant ride from start to finish in this delightful read with suspense, drama, intrigue and a lot of mystery going on.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Black Diamond Death

In Cheryl Bradshaw's Black Diamond Death, the first installment in the Sloane Monroe mystery series, she hit the slopes into their stellar mystery debut. For Sloane Monroe, a PI who was asked to work on a case of a death of a skier from a local Park City resort. Everyone thought it was as accident, when her sister thought otherwise. Sloane investigated this case and checked out suspicious people who knew Charlotte Halliwell best, even her ex-fiancé Parker Stanton. Though he was a creep, things shifted gear when he wounded up dead. Though Sloane thought it wasn't suicide, she looked for other clues to solve this case. The closer she had gotten to the truth, the more she discovered who wanted to do harm to others and why with a shocking ending.

This was a gripping and stellar mystery debut. I loved the Park City Utah location to use with the skiing as the opening scene. I cared about Sloane and Nick and despised Vicki and Parker a lot. This would keep you in suspense from the first page to the last that would make your heart pound, your teeth clench, and your pulse to rise with an interesting array of characters. This would leave you hanging on to every chapter with non-stop action, intrigue, mystery and tons of drama.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Heart Conditions

In Phoebe Fox's Heart Conditions, the 3rd installment in the Breakup Doctor Woman's Fiction series, she told us a compelling story with wonderful true emotions from the heart. For Brook Ogden, a Breakup Doctor on the radio and newspaper columnist, she gave advice to people about dealing with break-ups and moving on. Talking from experience, she suffered a tough heart-break on her own, when her fiancé Michael broke things up with her. Now, two years later, he's back and wants to win her back, while she's struggling with her own feelings with Ben Garrett, her recent ex-boyfriend and his recent flame. While she tried to compose herself, she's dealing with her best friend Sasha's dilemma of being a mother and a choice decision for her career. As for Brooke, she listened to her own heart and took her own advice on how to handle this situations for the better.

This was a beautiful woman's fiction novel from Brook's POV. This was so moving and compelling to read about Brook's struggles with her career and her relationship issues as she tried to work things out. I cared about Brook and Sasha and how they came to terms with new developments in their life, love and careers. I loved the Florida scenic settings and the vast locations throughout this novel. This will pull your heartstrings and fall in love with this novel too with drama, suspense, romance, and light action.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Exit Strategy

In Kelley Armstrong's Exit Strategy, the first installment in the Nadia Stafford paranormal romantic suspense/mystery series, she stepped out of her paranormal romances and thrilled us with this chilling novel. Nadia Stafford is a former cop turned hit woman who owns her own hunting/nature lodge. When a former recruit calls upon her services, she became intrigued to search for a serial killer who targeted people via vigilante justice. Now it's up for her to team up with Jack and Evelyn and go above and beyond to search for clues in the hunt for the Helter Shelter Killer. When they closed in on him, she must have to put herself in the line of fire to face the danger head on to catch him.

This was a great paranormal mystery/romance suspense, since it was a combination of this and that. I cared for Nadia and her new profession, when she had to take care of dirty and dangerous business. I also liked her relationship with Jack and the possible romance she has with Quinn. I loved the dual locations of Canada and the USA to make it pop on the page. This would take you on a heart-pounding thrill ride to take a wild on the dangerous side with romance, drama, non-stop action, intrigue and mystery.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mine to Protect

In Cynthia Eden's Mine to Protect, the 6th installment in the Mine romantic suspense series, she takes you to center stage with another heart-pounding amazing storyline. For FBI Agent Victor Monroe, he had sworn to protect Zoe Peters from being killed by her mobster father, Luther Bates. All her life, she lived in his shadow and being a prime target, while he remained bars for killing her mother. But no matter what they went, more hits were being targeted on her, mainly from her ex-beau, Tom Winters, who always get what he wants. He knew about Victor's big secret, even if he tore them apart for a price. For Zoe, she wanted to find her friend Michelle Lane. Together they would take on her father and find a way to be together, safe and happy together.

This was another fantastic romantic suspense in the Mine romantic suspense series. I cared about Zoe and Victor and how they came to be together with flaws on their own. I didn't like Tom Winters, but the other characters were okay. I loved the California and Vegas locations and spectacular scenic settings. This would make your heart-pound and your pulse race on every page with non-stop action, explosive chemistry, intrigue and suspense, right until the end.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Raising Atlantis

In Thomas Greanias's Raising Atlantis, the first installment in the Conrad Yeats Adventure thriller series, this best-selling e-book and print book series would take you on an adventure of your own. For Conrad, he was an archaeologist who searched for the world's mysteries and debunked their myths. But he came across an ice cold stone treasure in Antartica, where the legendary city of Atlantis have been hidden and buried for thousands of years. He wasn't alone, when Sister Serena Sereghetti and his other father joined them in this wild arctic cold ride to the bottom of the earth. They've discovered secret treasures to unlock it, while the Arabs and their own military were after them to stop Dooms Day from happening to mankind. Now it was up to them to prevent it from happening, while Vatican City wanted Serena to keep this under wraps and to say nothing happened with a shocking twist.

This was a wild ride for this action adventure thriller series. I cared about Conrad and Serena and their past relationship. Once again, I loved how we're taken across the world from Vatican City to Antartica, when we still wondered about the lost city of Atlantis for the scenic locations and beautiful, intriguing settings. This would take you on a ride of your own with nail-biting excitement in every chapter with action, adventure, suspense, and intrigue with non-stop drama.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Practical Sins for Cold Climates

In Shelley Costa's Practical Sins for Cold Climates, the first installment in the Val Cameron Mystery cozy series, she tackled a grittier nail-biter in this new cozy series debut. For Val Cameron, a senior editor from Fir Ta Dine publishing company in New York, she headed over to Canada to procure a contract deal with a recluse in the Canadian mountains. From there, she met an interesting array of people who supported Camp Sojo and learned the astonishing history behind it with the debate of tearing it down. She uncovered secrets and lies of the death of the people who were there, then and now. As she tried to track down Charles Cable, she met widower Wade Decker and dealt with stone-cold business with her boss, Peter Hathaway. As she uncovered the truth behind Leslie Decker's murder, she couldn't believe who was the culprit and how close she was to the truth that can be so cold.

This was a great new cozy series from Shelley Costa. I really cared about Val and how she sought from the truth behind the camp and the past secrets. I liked Wade Decker and couldn't care for some characters. I loved the Canadian scenery and how vivid it came on the page. This is fantastic to delve right into the plot and get into the thick of things with a nitty gritty sense of the drama that played out. It had plenty of drama, intrigue, suspense, and a hint of romance on every page.

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