Monday, February 1, 2016

Practical Sins for Cold Climates

In Shelley Costa's Practical Sins for Cold Climates, the first installment in the Val Cameron Mystery cozy series, she tackled a grittier nail-biter in this new cozy series debut. For Val Cameron, a senior editor from Fir Ta Dine publishing company in New York, she headed over to Canada to procure a contract deal with a recluse in the Canadian mountains. From there, she met an interesting array of people who supported Camp Sojo and learned the astonishing history behind it with the debate of tearing it down. She uncovered secrets and lies of the death of the people who were there, then and now. As she tried to track down Charles Cable, she met widower Wade Decker and dealt with stone-cold business with her boss, Peter Hathaway. As she uncovered the truth behind Leslie Decker's murder, she couldn't believe who was the culprit and how close she was to the truth that can be so cold.

This was a great new cozy series from Shelley Costa. I really cared about Val and how she sought from the truth behind the camp and the past secrets. I liked Wade Decker and couldn't care for some characters. I loved the Canadian scenery and how vivid it came on the page. This is fantastic to delve right into the plot and get into the thick of things with a nitty gritty sense of the drama that played out. It had plenty of drama, intrigue, suspense, and a hint of romance on every page.

Check out Practical Sins for Cold Climates today!

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