Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Exit Strategy

In Kelley Armstrong's Exit Strategy, the first installment in the Nadia Stafford paranormal romantic suspense/mystery series, she stepped out of her paranormal romances and thrilled us with this chilling novel. Nadia Stafford is a former cop turned hit woman who owns her own hunting/nature lodge. When a former recruit calls upon her services, she became intrigued to search for a serial killer who targeted people via vigilante justice. Now it's up for her to team up with Jack and Evelyn and go above and beyond to search for clues in the hunt for the Helter Shelter Killer. When they closed in on him, she must have to put herself in the line of fire to face the danger head on to catch him.

This was a great paranormal mystery/romance suspense, since it was a combination of this and that. I cared for Nadia and her new profession, when she had to take care of dirty and dangerous business. I also liked her relationship with Jack and the possible romance she has with Quinn. I loved the dual locations of Canada and the USA to make it pop on the page. This would take you on a heart-pounding thrill ride to take a wild on the dangerous side with romance, drama, non-stop action, intrigue and mystery.

Will you find your own exit strategy today? Check it out!

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