Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Death of a Kitchen Diva

In Lee Hollis's Death of a Kitchen Diva, the first installment in the Hayley Powell Food & Cocktail Cozy mystery series, get ready to sink into a juicy murder. For Hayley Powell, a single mother of two, who works for the local newspaper in Bar Harbor, Maine, she wanted a raise from her boss. When the local food and drink columnist retired, he gave her the scoop to take it over and give it a try. If successful, he might up her salary a tiny bit. Little did she know, that she would deal with a rival named Karen Applebaum, and become the prime suspect for her murder. In order to clear her name, she decided to investigate the matter for herself and learned some dirt with her two friends beside her. The closer she had gotten to the truth, the more her life was at stake, when the real culprit was revealed before it's too late.

This was a delectable new culinary cozy series debut. I cared about Hayley and her two kids, while she tried to make two ends meet. I couldn't much stand Bruce, but thought Sergio and Randy were a cute gay couple. I loved the Bar Harbor Maine for a central location and settings for a food and drink cozy series. It was tropical, like it was set in Florida, and light and airy with the descriptions. This fast-paced cozy would charm you with delicious food and drink recipes, and enchant you with splendid drama, intrigue, a hint of romance and tons of mystery.

Will you check out this cozy today?

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  1. Sounds interesting and I was drawn in by the title.


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