Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lights Out Tonight

In Mary Jane Clark's Lights Out Tonight, the 9th installment in the KEY News thriller series, this fast-paced novel takes center stage of an off-Broadway local play. For Caroline Enright, newly married and dealing with her step-daughter's issue, she worked for the local Key News in the Boston area, trying to get her leg up to advance her career. When Belinda Winthrop, a well-known actress to take the stage in a pivotal role for the play goes missing, everyone's a suspect. It's  up to the people to know her best a person of interest. The director? The understudy? Her caretaker? Or an reclusive artist? Or others? As Caroline looked for clues, Meg's life became periled with the killer, it became clearer why she would do it or why, before it would be lights out tonight for them.

This was a fascinating thriller novel that focus on acting and what would it takes to put on a successful play. I cared about Caroline on how she balanced her marriage and her career. I cared about Meg and glad she warmed up to Caroline in the end. I did become worried about her relationship with Nick. I didn't like Victoria or Gus that much--Langley was all right. The Boston area was a sublime location to give us great settings, even behind the stage. This would take you on a pleasant ride from start to finish in this delightful read with suspense, drama, intrigue and a lot of mystery going on.

Will you check in before it's lights out tonight? Grab a copy today!

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