Friday, February 19, 2016

Black Diamond Death

In Cheryl Bradshaw's Black Diamond Death, the first installment in the Sloane Monroe mystery series, she hit the slopes into their stellar mystery debut. For Sloane Monroe, a PI who was asked to work on a case of a death of a skier from a local Park City resort. Everyone thought it was as accident, when her sister thought otherwise. Sloane investigated this case and checked out suspicious people who knew Charlotte Halliwell best, even her ex-fiancé Parker Stanton. Though he was a creep, things shifted gear when he wounded up dead. Though Sloane thought it wasn't suicide, she looked for other clues to solve this case. The closer she had gotten to the truth, the more she discovered who wanted to do harm to others and why with a shocking ending.

This was a gripping and stellar mystery debut. I loved the Park City Utah location to use with the skiing as the opening scene. I cared about Sloane and Nick and despised Vicki and Parker a lot. This would keep you in suspense from the first page to the last that would make your heart pound, your teeth clench, and your pulse to rise with an interesting array of characters. This would leave you hanging on to every chapter with non-stop action, intrigue, mystery and tons of drama.

Will you be careful with the people you know and see? Check out Black Diamond Death today!

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