Friday, November 30, 2012

Whiskey Sour

If you love good mysteries, you'll love the Jack Daniels series. In Whiskey Sour,  the first book in the Jack Daniels series, Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels had a lot going for her, besides an ex-boyfriend and chasing the Gingerbread Man. She avoided the FBI's weird profiling computer, joined a dating service, and get mixed up with thugs, it was up to her and her partner, Herb, to catch the Gingerbread Man before he killed again. There was a lot of good action, tons of good humor, and a great mystery to solve with interesting characters. I love the titles, all names of great bartending drinks featured in the novel. Pretty darn clever along with the covers. We do care about Jack and how she solved the case, how she got along with her partner Herb and how  close she was to her mom. We got involved into her personal and love life, and even to the wicked man who was the Gingerbread Man, too. Fast-paced action for a quick read in one setting.

This was a great introduction to a light read for this mystery series. I love the name of the liquor-related books with its corresponding book covers. I also love the main characters of Jack Daniels, which was pretty clever to use for "Jack" instead of Jackie for Jacqueline. I thought his partner Herb was a bit amusing in natural. I loved how she was devoted to her mom. The Gingerbread Man serial killer had a twist to the classic fairytale. Great whimsical humor, quick suspense and a good mystery to cork this mystery with a surprising ending.

Want a whiskey sour down the hatch? Give this one a try tonight!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

To Have and To Kill

You're in a good treat with this fast-paced thriller by Mary Jane Clark. We're introduced to the world of baking and stardom with Piper Donovan, an actress from a soap opera. With short chapters and tons of action, we watch the scene unfolds in quick action. We watch how close Piper is with her family, her friends and a possible interest in Jack. The baking scenes are interesting and succinct to provide a good mystery and a thriller for this series. This is a great page-turner. This one keeps you guessing on whodunit with a possible motive of murder. When Piper close to the danger, she discovers who wanted these people dead. This book includes a yummy recipe too in the end.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Amber Beach

In Elizabeth Lowell's Amber Beach, the first book in the Donovans romantic suspense series, we were introduced to Honor Donovan who was looking for her missing brother and some missing ambers. With help from Jake Mallory as her fishing guide, they teamed up to go look and find him. But Mallory had a different agenda of his own. But dangers followed them on and off the ocean for the hunt, while it brought them together and closer in love. This also kicked off a leg to this four -book series.

This romantic suspense had a lot going on and so much more. I cared about Jake and Honor and worried for them searching for Honor's lost brother. I loved the location of Amber Beach in the Eastern coastline, when it brought forth danger and romance on the ocean. This made me want to hold my breath  and so much more. This also had tons of humor, lots of sparkling sexual chemistry, and a great suspense that kept us on a great ride. This book is a jewel of its own.

Will you visit Amber Beach? If so, bring a copy today!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Secondhand Spirits

If you love cozies with a twist, this one is one for you. In Secondhand Spirits, we'll introduced to Lily Ivory, a friendly good witch and owner of a vintage clothing store. This one has oodles of paranormal elements from ghosts, goblins and some good old witchcraft, when it comes down to a good old murder. The intrigue comes along with two men vying for Lily's attention gives it some flair and sets this series on fire. But we do learn more about Lily's life and had she came to witchcraft with her friends and family secrets. This is an enjoyable cozy series with not-so-scary ghosts and goblins. This is almost out of the world.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Five Days in Summer

This is an excellent thriller. It's dark, disturbing, pure psychological and suspenseful. On a typical summer afternoon, Emily Parker disappears in Cape Cod. A madman abducted her. We're warped inside her head as a hostage for the next five days and a search start for her. We see how her family reacts and panics, when they learn about the serial killer. Enter a former FBI profiler, John Geary, and his best friend, Roger Bell to solve the case, while we learn about Emily's family and the people involved who's on her rescue. You'll care for them as I did, while the clock ticked and the countdown begun. Fast-paced for an easy read, this makes you want to hold your breath for a wild ride. And this one will keep you guessing who done it and why. Very deep for an edge of a seat thriller. What a rush!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Causing Havoc

This is a great spin of contemporary romance. I love how Lori Foster add some spark from introducing her readers to the SBC fighting world and all about the sport to kick off the series. When Dean Conor returns to his old home in Kentucky for his sister, things get interesting for him. For Dean, we watch how his sisters welcome him back into their lives, how his aunt treated him, and how the women like Eve fall for him. There's plenty of drama, suspense and oodles of romance to keep you reading to the end. And not only that he fall in love in this novel, others do too. Some people are lucky to get a second chance and to do things right. Did I mention hot and dreamy men?  You need a big glass of lemonade to cool you off.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Complaints

If you love great mysteries set in different locales, you'll enjoy the Complaints set in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Complaints is the Scottish version of our Internal Affairs. And we're introduced to Scottish police, politics and great locales. Malcolm is part of the Complaints team, when he's embroiled into a real tough case of dirty politics and corrupt policemen. Plenty of twists and turns with tons of drama and curvy surprises to keep you at the edge of the seat. We follow Malcolm's every move, meet his father in a nursing home and his sister who's involved with a troubled relationship. There's a lot of things you would never see coming. What a great introduction to a new series.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Man Of His Word

This is a beautiful inspiration romance set in Amish country in Ohio. We're introduced to Moriah Byler-Miller and her husband and his twin. This novel really pulled in my heart strings, when we watch how events folded for Moriah's life and for her brother's too. This one captivated my heart with two romances with a love triangle twist. Talk about complicated, this one is moving and touching and heart-broken all at once. You really feel for Moriah and fall in love with her character, when she went through marriage, heart break, pregnancy and loss of her husband, and possible a possible new romance. Inspirational romances teach you to have faith and to God for help. We also learn about Tobias's feelings for Rachel, a fellow neighbor. This series also teaches you how the Amish live and about their culture. Bring your hankerchiefs!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ill Wind

I've read a few urban fantasy novels in over the past two years. And this one was something different and unique. We're introduced to the world of Weather Wardens who control different kinds of weather. And we meet Joanne Baldwin, a young warden who's on the run for murder, across the country. And in her car Delilah, we see her life before she became one of them with her family life, and then how she was introduced to the others. We learn a new kind of word from the weather wardens, and the indecision she made, when she falls in love with a Djinn, a special kind of genie in the bottle. But for Joanne, we learn, it's the race against time to save her life from a scorching evil mark, while she's dying and in pain. This one will take your breath away in a whirlwind and give you a ride for your life...