Monday, November 19, 2012

Five Days in Summer

This is an excellent thriller. It's dark, disturbing, pure psychological and suspenseful. On a typical summer afternoon, Emily Parker disappears in Cape Cod. A madman abducted her. We're warped inside her head as a hostage for the next five days and a search start for her. We see how her family reacts and panics, when they learn about the serial killer. Enter a former FBI profiler, John Geary, and his best friend, Roger Bell to solve the case, while we learn about Emily's family and the people involved who's on her rescue. You'll care for them as I did, while the clock ticked and the countdown begun. Fast-paced for an easy read, this makes you want to hold your breath for a wild ride. And this one will keep you guessing who done it and why. Very deep for an edge of a seat thriller. What a rush!

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