Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ill Wind

I've read a few urban fantasy novels in over the past two years. And this one was something different and unique. We're introduced to the world of Weather Wardens who control different kinds of weather. And we meet Joanne Baldwin, a young warden who's on the run for murder, across the country. And in her car Delilah, we see her life before she became one of them with her family life, and then how she was introduced to the others. We learn a new kind of word from the weather wardens, and the indecision she made, when she falls in love with a Djinn, a special kind of genie in the bottle. But for Joanne, we learn, it's the race against time to save her life from a scorching evil mark, while she's dying and in pain. This one will take your breath away in a whirlwind and give you a ride for your life...

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