Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cherry Cheesecake Murder

In Joanne Fluke's Cherry Cheesecake Murder, the 8th installment in the Hannah Swensen culinary cozy series, actions did speak louder than words. First Hannah was in a pickle, when she was stuck in the love triangle between two men who proposed to her... and later turned them down with her answer. She didn't want to get into a betting war, either. Then when word came that a movie production had came to her small town of Lake Eden to film some scenes there. When every world's a stange, everybody was a key player in the film as extras. Besides her old college friend Ross Barton produced the film, things got heated with Dean Lawrence, the director, when he rubbed people the wrong way. During the set, he was accidentally shot with a gun and not as prop. Now it was up to Hannah and Mike to find out who done it and why they switched revolvers in the end.

This was another great culinary cozy in the Hannah Swensen series that featured recipes! I adored Hannah and her sisters and cared for Mike and even for Norman who both vied for her attention. I loved how she made them jealous when she dined with Ross. I continued to love Lake Eden's small town charm in Minnesota and how the town came together. This would enchant you with a great cozy to read and heat up those winter nights with a spark of romance, intrigue, mystery and non-stop action with drama.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Diva Runs Out of Thyme

In Krista Davis's The Diva Runs Out of Thyme, the first installment in the Domestic Diva Cozy Mystery series, you'll get some handy cooking and decorating tips inside. For Sophie Winston, it all started out with finding a dead body in the alley. And that made her a prime suspect in the police eyes. Between her folks trying to set her up with her ex-husband Mars, she had a column to run, a contest to win, an old school friend who wants a romance with her, and deal with some family business. While she managed to balance that, she uncovered another murder and did some digging on her own. The closer she had gotten to learning the truth, she couldn't believe it was someone she knew in the end in this culinary whodunit, when her life was on the line.

This was a delightful and charming new culinary cozy series debut to read. I loved Sophie and her family. Though I can see the chemistry between her and Wolf. I thought Humphrey was a bit too weird, when she wasn't too interested in him. I loved the seasonal contest theme and the setting of Washington D.C. area for the locations and settings. This would take you on a great journey from start to finish with romance, intrigue, suspense and plenty of non-stop action and drama.

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Monday, January 18, 2016


In Edie Harris's Crazed, the 3rd installment in the Blood Money romantic suspense, get ready to go above and beyond in this thrilling new novel. For Casey Faraday, he was a solider before a spy. And when his brother Adam was kidnapped, it took him back to Medellin Colombia. It wasn't an any ordinary rescue mission, when he discovered Ilda Almeida, his wife when he went undercover. From there, he learned the truth about his faux death and his daughter Arlo, when she thought he was dead. While she never recovered from seeing the shock, she was a double agent who worked to bring that Felipe down. Though the chemistry between them was smoldering hot and still there, he had a choice to rescue his wife or his brother. Stuck to choose between the two, he chose Ilda and Arlo and escorted back safe, while Adam was stuck in the trenches as a hostage to pay the ultimate price...

This was a gripping no holds barred romantic suspense novel from Edie Harris. I instantly cared for Casey and how he was stuck between a rock and a hard place, when his rescue mission had way too many complications. I thought Arlo was adorable, and Ilda was a spitfire, when they made a great couple and got out of Dodge. I loved the Medellin and Chicago dual locations for the vast settings for this romantic suspense novel. I didn't like Pipe and Manuel, when they've gotten what they deserved. This would take you on a wild adventure with suspense, intrigue, drama and plenty of hot romance to steam up your window with a hint of eroticism.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Without Consent

In Kathryn Fox's Without Consent, the 2nd installment in the Anya Crichton forensic thriller series, we were welcomed back to the complex world of Dr. Anya Crichton in Sydney, Australia. As a single mother, Anya balanced her private practice as a forensic scientist for the SA team and taking care of her son. First it all started with a strain of serial rapes that were brought into intention, when she was asked to overlook one of her colleague's autopsy reports for any discrepancies for concerns. While that out, Geoffrey Willard was released from his 20-year prison sentence from a serial rape and murder he committed. But with a closer look, she reopened the case and found out that he couldn't have done and someone else did... the killing mostly than the raping. And right in the end when her balance was on the line, she discovered who done it and why with a disturbing twist of fate.

This was another great thriller in the series from Kathryn Fox. I continued to care for Anya and how she managed her career and her visitation with her son Ben, I became concerned about Geoffrey's ill treatment from others from a crime who couldn't have committed and the strain of serial rape that went back to the past. I couldn't stand Meira very much or Veronica Slater. I loved the Australian settings and vast location in this novel. This would hook you on the first page and keep you propel to find out what happens next in the end with drama, intrigue, suspense and mystery.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Grave Surprise

In Charlaine Harris's Grave Surprise, the 2nd installment in the Harper Connelly paranormal cozy series, the hunt for the truth continues in this cozy mystery. When Harper and Tolliver went to do a reading in a college class, they stumbled onto the discovery of a live body buried in the grave. With a shocking twist of a disturbing gravesite, they've found Tabitha Morgenstein who was found missing previously and turned up over here. From there, it was up for Tolliver and Harper to discover the truth, while the local FBI and authorities were breathing down their necks. While it had given some closure and peace of mind to her family, it wasn't all what it cracked up to be, when they uncover and unravel some harboring family secrets of petty jealousy. The closer they were to zeroing in on the perpetrator, they've had a close call of their own to save their lives in the end with a stunning truth of it all.

This was a compelling and shocking paranormal cozy with a twist of its own. I did care for Harper and Tolliver who remained estranged from their younger sisters. I did like how they worked together to put the pieces together for this compelling case. I loved the Nashville location in Tennessee and how it popped on the page for the settings. This would make for a great light reading on a winter day with a shocking ending you won't see coming with drama, intrigue, suspense ad mystery.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Final Seven

In Erica Spindler's The Final Seven, the Lightkeepers paranormal thriller series, she created a new world when good versus evil in this new thrilling series. For NOPD Michaela "Micki" Dare who goes by "Mad Dog", she didn't need a new partner like Agent Zachary Harris from California. But when they were paired up, they were in for a surprise at their first crime scene. From there, Micki learned first hand about Zach's magical powers as a "Sixer", a special task force from the FBI. From the first abduction teen to another, they didn't expect to tackle a dark force that's out of the world, when Micki and Zach have an unstoppable bond from one another in this powerful paranormal thriller with a shocking conclusion from start to finish in the end.

This was a phenomenal new series debut from Erica Spindler. Even if she had decide to go the self-publishing route for this series only, this had a great combination of thriller with the paranormal. I loved the pair of Dare and Harris, two different sides of the coin, when they worked together to fight good and evil to solve crimes in their home turf of New Orleans. I cared about Micki, who was dealt with a blow of losing her husband and getting a new partner. I thought Zach was an unique guy and special on his own. New Orleans was a great central place for location and settings alone in this excellent thriller with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and some paranormal shockers.

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Seduction of His Wife

In Janet Chapman's The Seduction of His Wife,  the first installment in the Logger contemporary romance series, you'll be swept into the world of loggers on the coast of Maine. When Alex Knight returned home from Brazil when everyone thought he was dead, he didn't expect a lukewarm homecoming to find out he's been married to Sarah Banks by proxy. All in part of his scheming father Grady, it was to protect his children from his former in-laws on getting custody of them. For both Sarah and Alex, they've both had bad marriages, when Sarah wanted to be independent and work those sporting camps. Now they had to get along with each other to make things work, while Alex's logging company had to deal with trespassers on their forest land and a rival who wants their land for the road. When things get complicated with a baby on their way from their drunken seduction, they seduced each other to melt each other heart's and claim their love for each other.

This was a great contemporary romance novel. On so many levels, we learn about the logging business and how it works on land. I loved the Oak Grove Maine location and the forestry rustic settings for this novel. I cared about Alex and Sarah, while they grew to care and love for each other. I've found Delaney and Tucker adorable, too. This would take you on a fantastic ride to pull your heart strings real taut and tight with romance, drama, action and intrigue.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Into the Fire

In Suzanne Brockmann's Into the Fire, the 13th installment in the Troubleshooters romantic suspense series, she catapulted us into a thrilling novel with shocking chills.  For Vinh Murphy, he had lost everything when his wife died. Now he had growing feeling for her best friend, Hannah Whitfield. But when the Freedom Network's fearless leader was found dead, all eyes pointed to Vinh for avenging his wife's death. For Izzy, he couldn't believe he fell in love with his co-worker's younger sister Eden and had an one night stand with her, which lead to her pregnancy and took care of her, believing the baby wasn't his. For the others, they went through a lot of hardships in life and love. And when they were caught in the hairs of the crossfire, they fought back to save one of their own and bring the neo-Nazi cult down and behind bars. But not everyone would receive a happy ending.

This was a great romantic suspense novel in part of the series. I liked how they were a diverse cast of characters and cared for Izzy and Eden, Hannah and Vinh. My heart went out to each and one of them. I loved the dual locations of California and Alaska for the picturesque settings. This would take you into a wild ride and make you root for the team, while they fought a good fight on land and overseas. This has non-stop action, suspense, intrigue and a lot of drama to keep you hooked on every page.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

The Paid Companion

In Amanda Quick's The Paid Companion, she told us a daring historical romance that had action, adventure, drama and plenty of romance in one wonderful book. For Elenora Lodge, she was down in her luck after her step-father died and left her home after he paid the creditors. That's when she met Arthur St. Merryn, who needed a paid companion and wasn't looking for romance, after his former fianceƩ ran off with someone else. When they were both in a bind, they hooked up to set up an engagement of convenience. While she played the part of his paid companion, Arthur searched for the murderer of his great-uncle George. With her great wits, they make an awesome pair and couldn't believe they fell in love with each to other. The closer they were to catching the culprit, the most profound their feelings were for each other to seal the deal with a real marriage.

This was a fantastic stand-alone historical romance. I really cared for Elenora and Arthur fauxmance and the plights they were in. I didn't like Ibbits or Clyde, either. I liked the English country side for the locations and the majestic settings to make it really pop on the page. This would make your heart pound and your pulse race, when this dealt with a lot of excited drama, non-stop drama, action and intrigue with romance every step of the way.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Twelve

In Justin Cronin's The Twelve, the second installment in the Passage futuristic thriller trilogy, this thriller still continued to give us everything from horror, paranormal and urban fantasy in this long thriller. Now, we fast forward to five years later, when the twelve survived the viral war that destroyed the United States. Some of them were dark  and bad, while others soldiered on to fight the good war with Amy. While they waged the war with the dark and light forces, people killed to be killed, make love and make babies, and find their soul mates, even if they're long lost. That's what happened to Peter, Michael, Alicia and others, while they dealt with the evil and take care of protecting our country in this epic battle of good vs evil, when some of them have to sacrifice themselves for the greater good with a shocking mind-blowing twist in the end.

This was really an epic futuristic thriller for a long and exhausting read. Just like the Passage, the prequel, this sequel really picked up where it left off in this saga with no holds barred. I continued to care about Peter and his friends and how some became lost and went over to the dark side. I loved the futuristic apocalyptic sense of how our country would look if something like this happened in a war-torn country, when states is its own country. This would take you for a long and wild ride in this ongoing saga of the good guys vs the viral dracs who thirsted on their blood or made them prisoners. Overall, it had a bittersweet ending, when the war isn't over and continues in Book Three, The City of Mirrors, that comes out this year. This has action, adventure, drama, suspense, intrigue, horror and a bit of paranormal horror in this vast novel.

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