Saturday, January 16, 2016

Grave Surprise

In Charlaine Harris's Grave Surprise, the 2nd installment in the Harper Connelly paranormal cozy series, the hunt for the truth continues in this cozy mystery. When Harper and Tolliver went to do a reading in a college class, they stumbled onto the discovery of a live body buried in the grave. With a shocking twist of a disturbing gravesite, they've found Tabitha Morgenstein who was found missing previously and turned up over here. From there, it was up for Tolliver and Harper to discover the truth, while the local FBI and authorities were breathing down their necks. While it had given some closure and peace of mind to her family, it wasn't all what it cracked up to be, when they uncover and unravel some harboring family secrets of petty jealousy. The closer they were to zeroing in on the perpetrator, they've had a close call of their own to save their lives in the end with a stunning truth of it all.

This was a compelling and shocking paranormal cozy with a twist of its own. I did care for Harper and Tolliver who remained estranged from their younger sisters. I did like how they worked together to put the pieces together for this compelling case. I loved the Nashville location in Tennessee and how it popped on the page for the settings. This would make for a great light reading on a winter day with a shocking ending you won't see coming with drama, intrigue, suspense ad mystery.

Are you in for a grave surprise? If so, check it out today!

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