Monday, January 4, 2016

The Paid Companion

In Amanda Quick's The Paid Companion, she told us a daring historical romance that had action, adventure, drama and plenty of romance in one wonderful book. For Elenora Lodge, she was down in her luck after her step-father died and left her home after he paid the creditors. That's when she met Arthur St. Merryn, who needed a paid companion and wasn't looking for romance, after his former fianceƩ ran off with someone else. When they were both in a bind, they hooked up to set up an engagement of convenience. While she played the part of his paid companion, Arthur searched for the murderer of his great-uncle George. With her great wits, they make an awesome pair and couldn't believe they fell in love with each to other. The closer they were to catching the culprit, the most profound their feelings were for each other to seal the deal with a real marriage.

This was a fantastic stand-alone historical romance. I really cared for Elenora and Arthur fauxmance and the plights they were in. I didn't like Ibbits or Clyde, either. I liked the English country side for the locations and the majestic settings to make it really pop on the page. This would make your heart pound and your pulse race, when this dealt with a lot of excited drama, non-stop drama, action and intrigue with romance every step of the way.

Will you check out the Paid Companion today?

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