Sunday, January 17, 2016

Without Consent

In Kathryn Fox's Without Consent, the 2nd installment in the Anya Crichton forensic thriller series, we were welcomed back to the complex world of Dr. Anya Crichton in Sydney, Australia. As a single mother, Anya balanced her private practice as a forensic scientist for the SA team and taking care of her son. First it all started with a strain of serial rapes that were brought into intention, when she was asked to overlook one of her colleague's autopsy reports for any discrepancies for concerns. While that out, Geoffrey Willard was released from his 20-year prison sentence from a serial rape and murder he committed. But with a closer look, she reopened the case and found out that he couldn't have done and someone else did... the killing mostly than the raping. And right in the end when her balance was on the line, she discovered who done it and why with a disturbing twist of fate.

This was another great thriller in the series from Kathryn Fox. I continued to care for Anya and how she managed her career and her visitation with her son Ben, I became concerned about Geoffrey's ill treatment from others from a crime who couldn't have committed and the strain of serial rape that went back to the past. I couldn't stand Meira very much or Veronica Slater. I loved the Australian settings and vast location in this novel. This would hook you on the first page and keep you propel to find out what happens next in the end with drama, intrigue, suspense and mystery.

Will you check out Without Consent today?

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