Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Seduction of His Wife

In Janet Chapman's The Seduction of His Wife,  the first installment in the Logger contemporary romance series, you'll be swept into the world of loggers on the coast of Maine. When Alex Knight returned home from Brazil when everyone thought he was dead, he didn't expect a lukewarm homecoming to find out he's been married to Sarah Banks by proxy. All in part of his scheming father Grady, it was to protect his children from his former in-laws on getting custody of them. For both Sarah and Alex, they've both had bad marriages, when Sarah wanted to be independent and work those sporting camps. Now they had to get along with each other to make things work, while Alex's logging company had to deal with trespassers on their forest land and a rival who wants their land for the road. When things get complicated with a baby on their way from their drunken seduction, they seduced each other to melt each other heart's and claim their love for each other.

This was a great contemporary romance novel. On so many levels, we learn about the logging business and how it works on land. I loved the Oak Grove Maine location and the forestry rustic settings for this novel. I cared about Alex and Sarah, while they grew to care and love for each other. I've found Delaney and Tucker adorable, too. This would take you on a fantastic ride to pull your heart strings real taut and tight with romance, drama, action and intrigue.

Will you be swept up in this novel today?

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