Thursday, January 7, 2016

Into the Fire

In Suzanne Brockmann's Into the Fire, the 13th installment in the Troubleshooters romantic suspense series, she catapulted us into a thrilling novel with shocking chills.  For Vinh Murphy, he had lost everything when his wife died. Now he had growing feeling for her best friend, Hannah Whitfield. But when the Freedom Network's fearless leader was found dead, all eyes pointed to Vinh for avenging his wife's death. For Izzy, he couldn't believe he fell in love with his co-worker's younger sister Eden and had an one night stand with her, which lead to her pregnancy and took care of her, believing the baby wasn't his. For the others, they went through a lot of hardships in life and love. And when they were caught in the hairs of the crossfire, they fought back to save one of their own and bring the neo-Nazi cult down and behind bars. But not everyone would receive a happy ending.

This was a great romantic suspense novel in part of the series. I liked how they were a diverse cast of characters and cared for Izzy and Eden, Hannah and Vinh. My heart went out to each and one of them. I loved the dual locations of California and Alaska for the picturesque settings. This would take you into a wild ride and make you root for the team, while they fought a good fight on land and overseas. This has non-stop action, suspense, intrigue and a lot of drama to keep you hooked on every page.

Will you go right into the fire today? If so, check it out.

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