Saturday, August 26, 2017

Look Behind You

In Iris and Roy Johansen's Look Behind You, the fifth installment in the Kendra Michaels thriller series, get ready to be blown away and be chilled to the bone. For Kendra Michaels, she's a music therapist working on her most difficult patient. Since she used to be blind, she had a keen perception with her senses. When the FBI calls her to help them with a gripping serial killer case, she agreed to help them on one condition. She didn't want to be involved with it any further and be a consultant of sorts. Now Kendra eyed some intriguing things that they've missed before in the crime scenes and also in the corpses below. But she didn't know who's been stalking her and watching her back. When her best friend Olivia received a scare from Zachary, she checked out her home and the same "Look Behind You" message in the same crime scenes now and before. This serial killer returned to finish his crime spree, something that Kendra had picked up on and knew about.  And when Griffin brought into the dream team of experts, even her love interest Adam Lynch came to her aid to protect her, all the way from China. The closer they've picked up the pieces to this shocking puzzle, the most endangered she would be in harm's way. And when the truth hit her stone cold, she almost came close of losing the great love of her life with a shocking twist in the end...

This was another great thriller from the team of Iris and Roy Johansen. I instantly cared about Kendra and Lynch, since we can see the chemistry between them brewing into a boiling hot degree. I loved Kendra's passion to help her patients with the love of music to bring them out from the brink, like with Ryan Walker. And I think Lynch is a hot piece of eye-candy though. I do love the scenic settings throughout California and the picturesque locations to make it pop.This thriller would make you blood boil, faint, heart race, and so much more with drama, non-stop action, intrigue, a hint of romance, and plenty of bone-chilling thrillers.

Will you be cautious to look behind you tonight?

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Evil at Heart

In Chelsea Cain's Evil at Heart, the third installment in the Archie Sheridan and Gretchen Lowell thriller series, this chillling cat-and-mouse game turns up the heat and ups the ante. For Archie Sheridan, he had spent his time in rehab for her pain killer addiction and healed for his wounds from his last encounter with Gretchen Lowell. But while he convalesced, he knows she's on the loose to kill again. But it wasn't for Susan Ward, his journalist friend, who discovered there's a wicked fan club of Gretchen online and a tour bus, too. When she discovers the ice cold crime scenes, they believed she was out there in Seattle. But when they went  undercover, they ran into someone known as Shark Boy, her number one fan, and Jeremy Reynolds, who has a sick obsession with her. One of them had marked the same carved hearts on their kills and removed their organs. It became too close to comfort for Archie, when Jeremy toys with his mind and Susan becomes injured by his sharp tools. In the end, Archie breaks his truce with Gretchen and then finds out, if she's been lying to him or telling the truth face to face with her.

This was another chiling novel from Chelsea Cain. This would make you heart beat and feel cold and numb all over with this another thrilling chase. I contiued to care for Archie and how he dealt with Gretchen's copycatting her serial artwork on human victims. Gretchen just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I did feel bad for the patients at the rehab center who were all pawns to her sick mind games. I did love the vast scenic settings and vivid pictureque locations of Seattle, including the crime scenes.  This would make you want to hold you breath and gasp at every turned page with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and suspense  from right to the end. 

Will you become evil at heart tonight?

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Saddled with Trouble

In Michele Scott's Saddled With Trouble, the first installment in the Horse Lover's Thriller Mystery series, you'll be welcomed to the grand world of horse racing. For Michaela Bancroft, she had enough trouble as it is, with her ex-husband's new girlfriend forcing her to sign the divorce papers, while overwhelmed in debt, and then finding her uncle murdered in his own horse stall.  While she was shocked with his death, she had met Detective Jude Davis on the case, trying to find answers on her own. She had become suspicious of her best friend's boyfriend's behavior and her own troubled feelings for Dr. Ethan Slater, her friend and vet. When she discovered that one of her ranch hands had been murdered with his own suicide note, it made her worrisome and suspicious of the people she had known on the ranch. She also suspected some strange goings over her ranch and the breeding scam that had placed the blame on her uncle. While Jude questioned her and her step-aunt Cynthia, she had to deal with her father's gambling problems again. As soon as she figured out who wanted her uncle Lou dead, someone almost ran her off the road.  Then on the way to Vegas for a rodeo show, she became face to face with a killer who wanted her dead too with a shocking ending.

This was a gripping and amazing thriller debut from Michele Scott (aka AK Alexander). I cared about Michaela and her love for horses, whether it's racing them in rodeos or by grooming them on the ranch. I loved the world she had brought us in, when it comes to learning about living on a horse ranch. I thought Camden was a hoot and Joe was a fine friend. I could almost see Michaela with Ethan, but Jude might be a fine catch. I loved the California location backdrops for scenic scenes and amazing vivid settings as well. This would become enticed to keep reading in every page and go through loops for her emotions with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and mystery through and through to the end.

Will you check out Saddled With Trouble today?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Something's Cooking

In Joanne Pence's Something's Cooking, the first installment in the Angie Amalfi culinary cozy mystery series, this cozy would whip you a great storyline with all the right ingredients for this series. For Angelina Amalfi, she's a young woman who writes a food column for a weekly newspaper. When someone sent her a mysterious package, it exploded into her kitchen. That's when she's introduced to Inspector Paavo Smith and his partner Matt Kowalski, when they went to a crime scene and later learned about the bomb. In an instant, there was some kind of chemistry between Angie and Paavo, when someone had sent her threats and a mysterious character named Edward Crane claimed he's her biggest "Fan" and had sent her the recipes for her column. Immediately, Angie hired two bodyguards and later went to Paavo's home under her protection. She had come to know Paavo better and understood his mysterious background. When Matt's killed, Paavo went to Angie for some compassion as he had kept a close distance from her, since he cares so much about her. As Angie decided to search for Crane himself incognito, it had put her into a precarious situation with Paavo. And when she finally figured out who the real culprit was, somebody she knows and trusted, she took matters into her own hands as Paavo saved her life... when something's really cooking between the two of them in the end.

This was a great introduction to the Angie Amalfi culinary cozy series from Joanne Pence. I really cared for Angie and her carefree independent ways and how she concocted her own foodie codes for her recipes in the newspaper. I adored Paavo and how he loved his job and wanted to protect Angie from the dangers of police work. I also loved the location of California and its vivid scenes with the Bodega Bay backdrop for the settings too. This would give you a delectable light read in one or two settings with a hint of romance, a sprinkle of non-stop action, a dollop of drama, and a cup of mystery and intrigue to rise to the occasion.

Will you be ready to read Something's Cooking today?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The French Wedding

In Hannah Tunnicliffe's The French Wedding, she had told a beautiful story about love, life and friendship in this lovely woman's fiction novel. Set at the coast of France, six friends reunite for the 40th birthday of one of their friends for one weekend. Told from the POV of Max Dresner, a rock star who celebrating the big 40, and is in love with his best friend, Helen Barnett. He hired his housekeeper and cook, Juliette, who runs his home, and learns about everything about his friends over the weekend while serving food. There's Lars and Nina, an umarried couple who deal with her teenage daughter Sophie's daughter's angst, and Rosie O'Connor who has his own marriage problems with her husband Hugo, a doctor.  There's Eddie who has a young girlfriend and still living the good life. Helen who lives in New York, has to comes to terms to her half-sister Soleil. During the weekend, they reminiscence about the past and make new decisions of their own before the weekend's over. They learn new secrets about each other, while Juliette has her own to keep. In the end, there's a delightful ending on who finally tied the knot and a brand new start for the others.

This was a beautiful woman's fiction from Hannah Tunnicliffe. The idealistic settings of coastal France was so picturesque and romantic to paint the scene for this novel with intricate locations for the scenery. She was a wonderful storyteller about these six friends from college, coming together to celebrate a momental occasion for one of them. I cared about each and every one of them, when it was told in 3 POVs throughout this story. This make you want to learn more about them and to hear their story told about how they met and came together. This would make you want to sigh and cry, laugh, moan and gasp at every little nugget of surprise on every page. This has great romance, a hint of intrigue with drama and non-stop action right to the end.

Will you be invited to the French Wedding today?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Shadow Girl

In Gerry Schmitt's Shadow Girl, the second installment in the Afton Tangler thriller series, this thriller would grip you from page one and lead you on a wild ride. It all started with a helicopter crash that carried a donor heart from Leland Odin, the CEO and owner of the Diamond Shopping Network. That's when Afton Langler, a Liasion Officer, and her partner, Detective Max Montgomery were on the scene in Minneapolis. They started to pick up the pieces to this complicated puzzle as they learn about Leland's business and his home life. But before they could talk to him, Momma Chao Cherry had his throat cut, since he had something he had stolen from her. And now her henchmen would do anything to get it back to her home country of Thailand. For Afton, a single mother of two girls, she would do anything to make detective at the Minneapolis PD. Through this case, it's a dangerous cat and mouse game between them to stop them in the tracks, when they interview everybody involved in Leland's business dealings. And the closer the truth they realized who was behind it, it was up to them to stop it by putting their lives on the line. For Afton, it was personal, when they came after her family, as justice would be served.

This was a terrific installment in the series. I couldn't put it down from start to finish. I instantly cared for Afton and her small family and how she wanted to make it big as a detective. I also enjoyed Max as well and the rest of the MPD crew. I did feel bad for Sunny and Terrell, when they were dealt with a tough blow. I did enjoy the scenic locations and vivid settings for Minneapolis throughout the novel. This novel would have you root for Afton and Max to fight the bad guys and solve the case with fast-pacd pace-turning non-stop action, drama, intrigue and suspense throughout this thriller.

Will you uncover the mystery behind Shadow Girl today?