Friday, November 29, 2013

Down the Darkest Road

In the third installment of the Oak Knoll series, Down the Darkest Road,  Tami Hoag delivered us some chills. We were introduced to Lauren Lawton. For four years, she searched for answers in the disappearance of her daughter. That's every parent's worst nightmare. Not knowing if she was dead or alive in the pursuit of justice for answers. Her youngest daughter suffered as well, since her father committed suicide. When they've started over in Oak Knoll, we watched how they suffered in the hands of the Sheriff's Office. And we were enthralled in a dark and dangerous cat-and-mouse came between her family and the sexual predators. This would send you chills, when you werre welcomed into her nightmares, when we observed how she fought for survival and answers in the end. Be careful of the people you know and the company you keep...

This was an excellent way to close out the Oak Knoll trilogy series. I loved how we were introduced to the Lawtons, when it happened years later from the first two books. I felt sadness for the Lawtons and shook my head in disbelief for the Sheriff's Office. I continued to love the Oak Knoll, California location, one more time. This would grip you from start to finish, right to the shocking jaw-dropping conclusion. Nonetheless, a fitting ending as well, too. Great drama, tons of thrilling and surprising action, and plenty of twists on every page to leave you feeling cold and numb in the end.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Looking for Yesterday

In the 29th installment of the Sharon McCone series, Looking for Yesterday, Marcia Muller weaved up a powerful tale of drama, danger and murder. When Sharon took on Caroline Warrick as a new client, she didn't know what to expect. When she investigated Caro's case to exonerate her name from her best friend's murder, things turned bad from worse. Warrick, a gun-rights activist, wound up dead on Sharon's doorstep. From there, she took us on a lot of heat. We witnessed the danger she found herself in, when someone tried to take her down from preventing her to get to the truth. During her home's fire, she took it as a personal mission to bring the person down. We'll feel for Sharon's pain and heartache, every step of the way. And in the end, we'll root for her to do things her way. What a rush of a wonderful read.

This mystery was an emotional roller coaster ride. I did feel for Sharon and Caroline in retrospect. I did feel bad that people accused Caro of killing her best friend and wanted justice to be served. I also felt bad for Sharon, when things got heated and ended up burning down her home with Hy. I loved the California backdrop for this series. I also love how everyone came together to support Hy and Sharon, when this happened.  This was a gripping read to pull you in on the first page and straight to the end. Great mystery, tons of action-packed page-turning suspense, and plenty of intrigue and drama, too.

Are you looking for yesterday? Give this one a good read this weekend!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Lady Never Surrenders

In another beautiful priceless and timeless historical romance, Sabrina Jeffries wove us a wonderful tale in a Lady Never Surrenders, the 5th book in the Hellions of Hallstead Hall series. When Celia Sharpe was a wee one, she lost both of her parents to a brutal death. Years later, we followed her and her mission to discover the truth and to find a suitor to marry her before year's end under her grandmother's ultimatum--marry or lose her inheritance. Under her family's employ, they hired Jackson Pinter, an Associate Magistrate from Bow Street, who had some secrets of his own. He always wondered who was his father. Together, we witnessed them on this journey, when someone wanted to stop them to learn the story. Danger brought them together as they discovered they were meant for each other to profess their love. But their different classes might tear them apart. Only their hearts would lead them back to each other, despite their differences. You'll fall in love with this couple. Another winner!

This was a beautiful historical romance. I did love the 19th century backdrop in England to see how the other half lived during then.  I did feel bad for Celia who lost her parents at a young age. I loved how her family chipped in to help raise her. That was moving and brought me to tears. I hated that they came from different side of the tracks and that her grandmother placed pressure on her to marry. She already dealt enough tough blows in her life. As for Jackson, I thought he was a charismatic man, who was also a charmer. He and Celia had something in common, when it came to find out their family roots. I loved how they found each other and discovered the truth about it all. Danger, intrigue and plenty of suspense to keep you wrapped up in this book to the end.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rising Phoenix

If you like great political thrillers with a punch, you'll love this explosive thriller debut from Kyle Mills. In Rising Phoenix, we were introduced to Mark Beamon, a FBI agent who'd been bounced and reassigned to Houston. Through the eyes of John Hobart, an ex-DEA agent, and a criminal mastermind, we watched him plot his own evil plans of ending the war on drugs and making it into an epidemic across America. But they were both getting started to solve this problem their own ways. We observed how Hobart and Beamon dance around each other. With every twist and turn, we would be rooting for Beamon who recovered from every fumble and misstep to catch him in the act. As drug addicts were dying, Beamon caught up to Hobart in his final act, when Hobart's other enemies were out to get him. And the ending will keep you guessing!

This was an excellent mystery and thriller combination of good versus evil. I did love the Houston location for the backdrop. I loved the focus that was it centered around drugs. I did feel sorry for Beamon, when everyone seemed to pick on him. Hobart was a nasty fellow in my opinion. From the first page to the end, you'll be enthralled for sure. Great drama, good action and suspense, and plenty of twisty turns that was full of unexpected surprises.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Coyote Waits

If you love mysteries set in the Southwest, you'll enjoy the great Tony Hillerman's Navajo Mysteries series. In Coyote Waits, the 10th book in the Navajo Mystery series, we were introduced to Tribal Police Officer Jim Chee and FBI agent Joe Leaphorn. These two men were embarked on the same wild case of a death of a Tribal Policeman Delbert Nez, which was nothing what it appeared to be. From breath-taking Arizonan landscape to majestic New Mexican scenery, he painted a picturesque scene with various and eclectic characters. He took us on a wild ride on this mystery that had many surprises to keep us guessing right to the end with a wild twist. We also see and learn about Native American culture.

This was a fascinating Navajo mystery focusing on Native American customs and cultures in the southwest. I loved the Arizona-New Mexico backdrop for both locations. It was so beautiful and majestic to see it in vivid descriptions. I thought Jim and Joe were both interesting characters that clash every now and then. I loved how they worked together to solve a most disturbing case. I did care about both of them and their families as well. Great drama, intense action and a surprising twisted turn in this mystery.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Dark Watch

Juan Cabrillo was back in his third adventure on the sea in Clive Cussler's the Dark Watch, the third book in the  Oregon Files series. When the Oregon had a mission, they were always up for the challenge. Juan and his crew were in Asia to target one in particular undercover. Their adventures on the ocean in the sea. They ran across someone who survived a pirating and escaped from their clutches. And when they saved her, they picked up the pieces. But their enemies were one and many in Europe who wanted to make a profit from gold. Plenty of drama on the ocean and even in a volcanic island, we saw how they escaped evil and death in every move. If you love to be taken for a wild ride, we'll see it from Juan and his crew and from the criminal masterminds themselves.

This was a feel good action-adventure novel that took us below the sea and above the surface. I love how they traveled from place to place, like from Asia to Europe looking for treasure. I did feel for Juan and his crew members, which played an equally central part in the novel. I did feel sorry for the female victim, who ended up caught into a seafaring crossfire of sorts. There's plenty of action and adventure in every scene on every page with a hint of romance and a dollop of mystery and suspense too.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Wedding Party

Before Robyn Carr hit it big with the Virgin River contemporary romance series, you'll enjoy this stand-alone romance novel.  In the Wedding Party, We saw how one family came together in this early classic novel. We've seen them from their point of view. Charlene Dugan had just gotten engaged to become remarried and to do it right. This divorced and single mother of one had a full plate on her hands in this story. We watched how she dealt with her mother's memory problems, her wedding plans with Dennis slowly unravel and fall apart, her relationship with her ex Jake, her law career, and her daughter's romance troubles with Grant. She juggled them all, which was no balancing act. This is a great story about life, seconds chances, and love with a dose of humor and surprising turns on each page.

This was a fun contemporary romance to read. I loved the backdrop for this novel as well. I did feel a bunch of heartaches for Charlene, when she dealt with everything at once. I did wish she had gotten married to Dennis, when it wasn't meant to be. Everything came to a-head, which I believed Jake was responsible for. Everyone here had a second chance for romance or two, when it would've been a small wedding party. I didn't hate a thing. A hint of humor, romance, and a touch of drama to make you feel warm with laughter all season long.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rapture in Death

In the fourth installment in the In Death series by JD Robb, Rapture in Death, Eve Dallas and Roarke were back from their honeymoon. As a newlywed couple, they were on a brand new case. When they find out about the self-termination death of a young autotron engineer, things looked suspicious and surprising. Through Eve's eyes, she'd gotten caught in the brunt of it, when someone was out for blood. And when they came close to her and through Roarke, it was nothing but personal. Soon, they both discovered who played mind games with them and who've discovered their dreams and fears. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, when they uncovered who've wrecked havoc into their lives. For a futuristic New York City, the patterns lined up with a surprising link of interesting developments. What a wild ride.

This was another terrific and difficult futuristic romantic suspense. I loved how everything was much cooler with a modern high tech version of communication and transportation in 2060 and beyond. We do get a sense of a much broader view of what our country would look like back then, especially in New York.  I loved that Roarke and Eve had gotten married. I hated that someone wanted to play mind games with them. Great drama, tons of plenty of suspense and lots of heated chemistry and love between Eve and Roarke.

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Turquoise Girl

If you're tired of the same old police procedural mysteries and love Tony Hillerman's mysteries, give Aimee  and David Thurlo's Ella Clah series a try. In the Turquoise Girl, set on a New Mexico Native American reservation, she takes us on a wild ride. Ella Clah was a former FBI agent and an inspector for the tribal police with her cousin, Justine Goodluck, her partner in crime. When her mother's former friend was found murdered, this became her toughest case of her life. In the midst of this murder, there were the Fierce Ones, a vigilant Native American group who had their own ways of taking  swift justice into their hands, and the protest at the power plant. Ella and Justice came across some hard truths and complications of the Rez, when there was someone who wanted to send her a message of her own. Through her eyes, we witnessed what drama she went through to discover hidden secrets in this case that might hit closer to home. A lot of drama and adventure, while she protected her daughter and dispensed the law to keep the peace, the shocking truth and his motive would blow your away. What an enjoyable mystery!

This was a wild Native American mystery. I loved the New Mexican backdrop to set the scene for the Native American reservations. This novel made me care about Ella and Justine and their fellow tribes. We also learned more of their customs and cultures of the American Indian way. I hated for the tribal wars to happen in protest. This made me become at the edge of my seat and then some. Great drama with intense action and a thought-provoking mystery.

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