Friday, November 29, 2013

Down the Darkest Road

In the third installment of the Oak Knoll series, Down the Darkest Road,  Tami Hoag delivered us some chills. We were introduced to Lauren Lawton. For four years, she searched for answers in the disappearance of her daughter. That's every parent's worst nightmare. Not knowing if she was dead or alive in the pursuit of justice for answers. Her youngest daughter suffered as well, since her father committed suicide. When they've started over in Oak Knoll, we watched how they suffered in the hands of the Sheriff's Office. And we were enthralled in a dark and dangerous cat-and-mouse came between her family and the sexual predators. This would send you chills, when you werre welcomed into her nightmares, when we observed how she fought for survival and answers in the end. Be careful of the people you know and the company you keep...

This was an excellent way to close out the Oak Knoll trilogy series. I loved how we were introduced to the Lawtons, when it happened years later from the first two books. I felt sadness for the Lawtons and shook my head in disbelief for the Sheriff's Office. I continued to love the Oak Knoll, California location, one more time. This would grip you from start to finish, right to the shocking jaw-dropping conclusion. Nonetheless, a fitting ending as well, too. Great drama, tons of thrilling and surprising action, and plenty of twists on every page to leave you feeling cold and numb in the end.

Ready to walk down the darkest road? Grab a flashlight and a copy today!

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