Friday, November 8, 2013

Dark Watch

Juan Cabrillo was back in his third adventure on the sea in Clive Cussler's the Dark Watch, the third book in the  Oregon Files series. When the Oregon had a mission, they were always up for the challenge. Juan and his crew were in Asia to target one in particular undercover. Their adventures on the ocean in the sea. They ran across someone who survived a pirating and escaped from their clutches. And when they saved her, they picked up the pieces. But their enemies were one and many in Europe who wanted to make a profit from gold. Plenty of drama on the ocean and even in a volcanic island, we saw how they escaped evil and death in every move. If you love to be taken for a wild ride, we'll see it from Juan and his crew and from the criminal masterminds themselves.

This was a feel good action-adventure novel that took us below the sea and above the surface. I love how they traveled from place to place, like from Asia to Europe looking for treasure. I did feel for Juan and his crew members, which played an equally central part in the novel. I did feel sorry for the female victim, who ended up caught into a seafaring crossfire of sorts. There's plenty of action and adventure in every scene on every page with a hint of romance and a dollop of mystery and suspense too.

Are you ready to sail across the sea for a dark watch? Come aboard with a copy of the book today!

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