Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Lady Never Surrenders

In another beautiful priceless and timeless historical romance, Sabrina Jeffries wove us a wonderful tale in a Lady Never Surrenders, the 5th book in the Hellions of Hallstead Hall series. When Celia Sharpe was a wee one, she lost both of her parents to a brutal death. Years later, we followed her and her mission to discover the truth and to find a suitor to marry her before year's end under her grandmother's ultimatum--marry or lose her inheritance. Under her family's employ, they hired Jackson Pinter, an Associate Magistrate from Bow Street, who had some secrets of his own. He always wondered who was his father. Together, we witnessed them on this journey, when someone wanted to stop them to learn the story. Danger brought them together as they discovered they were meant for each other to profess their love. But their different classes might tear them apart. Only their hearts would lead them back to each other, despite their differences. You'll fall in love with this couple. Another winner!

This was a beautiful historical romance. I did love the 19th century backdrop in England to see how the other half lived during then.  I did feel bad for Celia who lost her parents at a young age. I loved how her family chipped in to help raise her. That was moving and brought me to tears. I hated that they came from different side of the tracks and that her grandmother placed pressure on her to marry. She already dealt enough tough blows in her life. As for Jackson, I thought he was a charismatic man, who was also a charmer. He and Celia had something in common, when it came to find out their family roots. I loved how they found each other and discovered the truth about it all. Danger, intrigue and plenty of suspense to keep you wrapped up in this book to the end.

Don't surrender! It's never too late to pick up a copy this weekend!

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