Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rising Phoenix

If you like great political thrillers with a punch, you'll love this explosive thriller debut from Kyle Mills. In Rising Phoenix, we were introduced to Mark Beamon, a FBI agent who'd been bounced and reassigned to Houston. Through the eyes of John Hobart, an ex-DEA agent, and a criminal mastermind, we watched him plot his own evil plans of ending the war on drugs and making it into an epidemic across America. But they were both getting started to solve this problem their own ways. We observed how Hobart and Beamon dance around each other. With every twist and turn, we would be rooting for Beamon who recovered from every fumble and misstep to catch him in the act. As drug addicts were dying, Beamon caught up to Hobart in his final act, when Hobart's other enemies were out to get him. And the ending will keep you guessing!

This was an excellent mystery and thriller combination of good versus evil. I did love the Houston location for the backdrop. I loved the focus that was it centered around drugs. I did feel sorry for Beamon, when everyone seemed to pick on him. Hobart was a nasty fellow in my opinion. From the first page to the end, you'll be enthralled for sure. Great drama, good action and suspense, and plenty of twisty turns that was full of unexpected surprises.

Ready to rise like a phoenix? Check out a copy today!

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