Friday, November 22, 2013

Looking for Yesterday

In the 29th installment of the Sharon McCone series, Looking for Yesterday, Marcia Muller weaved up a powerful tale of drama, danger and murder. When Sharon took on Caroline Warrick as a new client, she didn't know what to expect. When she investigated Caro's case to exonerate her name from her best friend's murder, things turned bad from worse. Warrick, a gun-rights activist, wound up dead on Sharon's doorstep. From there, she took us on a lot of heat. We witnessed the danger she found herself in, when someone tried to take her down from preventing her to get to the truth. During her home's fire, she took it as a personal mission to bring the person down. We'll feel for Sharon's pain and heartache, every step of the way. And in the end, we'll root for her to do things her way. What a rush of a wonderful read.

This mystery was an emotional roller coaster ride. I did feel for Sharon and Caroline in retrospect. I did feel bad that people accused Caro of killing her best friend and wanted justice to be served. I also felt bad for Sharon, when things got heated and ended up burning down her home with Hy. I loved the California backdrop for this series. I also love how everyone came together to support Hy and Sharon, when this happened.  This was a gripping read to pull you in on the first page and straight to the end. Great mystery, tons of action-packed page-turning suspense, and plenty of intrigue and drama, too.

Are you looking for yesterday? Give this one a good read this weekend!

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