Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rapture in Death

In the fourth installment in the In Death series by JD Robb, Rapture in Death, Eve Dallas and Roarke were back from their honeymoon. As a newlywed couple, they were on a brand new case. When they find out about the self-termination death of a young autotron engineer, things looked suspicious and surprising. Through Eve's eyes, she'd gotten caught in the brunt of it, when someone was out for blood. And when they came close to her and through Roarke, it was nothing but personal. Soon, they both discovered who played mind games with them and who've discovered their dreams and fears. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, when they uncovered who've wrecked havoc into their lives. For a futuristic New York City, the patterns lined up with a surprising link of interesting developments. What a wild ride.

This was another terrific and difficult futuristic romantic suspense. I loved how everything was much cooler with a modern high tech version of communication and transportation in 2060 and beyond. We do get a sense of a much broader view of what our country would look like back then, especially in New York.  I loved that Roarke and Eve had gotten married. I hated that someone wanted to play mind games with them. Great drama, tons of plenty of suspense and lots of heated chemistry and love between Eve and Roarke.

Ready to get enraptured?  Grab a copy today!

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