Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Coyote Waits

If you love mysteries set in the Southwest, you'll enjoy the great Tony Hillerman's Navajo Mysteries series. In Coyote Waits, the 10th book in the Navajo Mystery series, we were introduced to Tribal Police Officer Jim Chee and FBI agent Joe Leaphorn. These two men were embarked on the same wild case of a death of a Tribal Policeman Delbert Nez, which was nothing what it appeared to be. From breath-taking Arizonan landscape to majestic New Mexican scenery, he painted a picturesque scene with various and eclectic characters. He took us on a wild ride on this mystery that had many surprises to keep us guessing right to the end with a wild twist. We also see and learn about Native American culture.

This was a fascinating Navajo mystery focusing on Native American customs and cultures in the southwest. I loved the Arizona-New Mexico backdrop for both locations. It was so beautiful and majestic to see it in vivid descriptions. I thought Jim and Joe were both interesting characters that clash every now and then. I loved how they worked together to solve a most disturbing case. I did care about both of them and their families as well. Great drama, intense action and a surprising twisted turn in this mystery.

Ready to wait for a coyote? Check this out today!

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