Monday, November 28, 2011


If you love Greek mythology and paranormal romance, you'll love the 15th installment and long novel, Acheron. This was about Acheron's birth and arrival into the human realm, when he'd been mistreated by his parents, despised by his twin brother, and loved by his older sister. We also founnd out about the cruel treatment he endured in Atlantis and his entanglement with Artemis, a virgin Greek Goddess, who gave birth to his daughter.  After he died, he was reborn as an Atlantean God and how the Dark-Hunters were formed and created by Artemis, and more of his mother's love and sacrifice to keep him safe. In the present day, he met Soteria Kalfiera, a human mortal who took his breath away, how he protected her from danger, and fell in love with her. But when her life was in danger and died, she made an ultimate sacrifice and became a goddess herself to spend the rest of her life with him.  What a great paranormal romance.

For starters, this was a long book to read about Acheron's life from slave to an immortal god.  This was a powerful paranormal romance about a power struggle between two realms, the gods and humans. In a way, I loved the past and present-day Greek culture in the strong novel. I did feel bad on how Acheron "Ash" were mistreated and used as a love slave, endured many tortures, and how he put his life on his line. I loved how he came out swinging as a stronger god, when he met Soteria and protected her as well. I didn't like Styx or his parents either. I liked Soteria and how she made him a better man in a way. This would hold you from the first page to the end with your heart pumping and send your pulse racing.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blood Junction

If you love great mystery series, the India Kane series is the one for you. India Kane is a journalist from London and now living in Australia. When she went to visit her best friend Lauren, she's arrested for her murder and winds up in jail. Surely she believes it's a mistake and is released, when someone else is in jail, and she discovers what Lauren was investigated that ended up getting her killed. When she investigates it herself, she ends up in deep trouble, while she discovers what happened to her family and the story behind her family tree. Plenty of twists and turns with a heinous twist.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lost Empire

If you love fast-paced action adventure novels, this one's for you. In the second installment of the Fargo series by Clive Cussler, The Lost Empire, Remi and Sam Fargo dive for treasures off Madagascar and Tanzania in Africa, when they came close to danger from a secret Aztec military army, who wanted something to not be exposed and not revealed. When they get closer, the more in danger they were  in and tried to be stopped by the Aztecs. Every step of the way, they did dig deeper into the history between the bell clipper from a lost ship, and the hidden meaning behind the symbolism. This would keep you up and off your seats for a fast read.

This was another fantastic action-adventure novel above and below the surface of the water. I love the marine theme and another NUMA series. I loved the central locations of Africa and the Aztecs for this series as well. I believe the Fargo couple make a formidable and excellent team. I did care about them, when they breached the rim of the mystery. This made for a great read, when you want to go on an adventure of your own.  Great drama, intense action for an explorable adventure, and plenty of suspense on every page.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Whale Song

If you love a good heart-warming story, you'll enjoy this story about Sarah Richardson's life. Eleven-year-old Sarah moves to Bamfield, Canada from Wyoming, when her dad gets a new job as a marine biologist. When she moves there, she encounters a harrowing life--she's bullied, since she's new and "white" in an Indian-dominant town, she has a crush on Adam friend, and she experiences her mom's illness of PPH, all in part one. In part two, her mom passed away, and her dad's charged with her murder, when she doesn't remember what happened that fateful day. When her dad goes to prison, she moves and lives with her Italian grandparents to Vancouver, and at eighteen, she lives alone and starts a new life. In part three, she has an estranged relationship with her father between the visits and years go by, as she tries to remember what happened, when she's an adult. In the end, she reunites with Goldie, her best friend, Adam her crush and new love, and her dad, when she remembers what happened and moves on. Also, it's so informative on marine life and whales, that's so touching and perfect for the story of forgiveness, love, loss and life. Bring your tissues!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Love Lessons

If you love daring and sexy historical romances, you'll love this one by Cheryl Holt. Abigail Weston needs help on a special assignment and recruits James Stevens to help her out with it: teach her how to make love, so she can tell her younger sister. He agrees. Little they did know, their love lessons gets heated, when they're both from two worlds and not compatible. When after a few sessions, they make love and take it further. Their classes clash, when a rival finds out about them and causes a scandal that sends shockwaves through England. In the end, they get back together and reach out on loving each other forever. What a heated story!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Button Holed

If you love good cozies, you'll enjoy this new series by a new author. In Kylie Logan's Button-Holed, the first book in the Button Box series, Josie Giancola lived in Chicago and owned a button store. She collected them, mended them and sold them.  But when actress Kate Franciscus came to her store for a button for her wedding gown, things turned up the heat. First her store was ransacked before Kate's visit, then she was murdered in Josie's store. And it was up for Josie to find out who wanted her dead and who killed her. But as she got closer and teamed up with her ex Kaz, someone had it in for Josie to find out. And she went back to North Carolina to pick up the missing pieces of this deadly puzzle. A good read.

This was an interesting and quirky new cozy series to try. The subject of a button shop was quite amusing, since it's a collectible commodity. The backdrop of Chicago was priceless for the storyline. I enjoy Josie's interest in a button shop. Kate was an interesting character as well. For Kaz, he kinda grew on you. Great storyline and nice amount of tension for this quick read.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

At the scent of water

If you love inspirational romances, this story might be for you. Annie and Sam Truelove have lead separate lives for five years, when they lost their daughter and tragedy happens to one of his patients, while he was grieving. Annie's on the verge of moving and filing for divorce, when her family calls her back home, when there's a debate about Kelly Bright. Meanwhile, Mary Truelove, Sam's mom, reunites with her ex-fiance Elijah Walker, and rekindles their old romance, while he brought faith and hope into the Dalton-Truelove clan. in the end, they get back together and forgive each other for what happened. A powerful message about hope, faith and believe in God and love.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


If you love gripping legal thrillers, this is the one for you. In Confession, Travis Boyette, a dying man comes into a Kansas church and confesses that he killed a girl, eight years ago, when an innocent man is on Death Row, set to be executed by lethal injection in Texas. Keith Schroeder and Boyette travel to Texas to stop the execution, while Donte Drumm's lawyers tries everything to save his life. On the Day of the execution, Robbie Flak goes all out and asks for a stay, esp. when Boyette is taped to confess the murder and where he hid the body in Missouri. Everyone was skeptic and shocked, when they believe they got the right guy. After his execution, he's exonerated post-humorous, while Boyette is on the run and later caught. I can't tell you what happens in between. It's a great page-turner.