Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lost Empire

If you love fast-paced action adventure novels, this one's for you. In the second installment of the Fargo series by Clive Cussler, The Lost Empire, Remi and Sam Fargo dive for treasures off Madagascar and Tanzania in Africa, when they came close to danger from a secret Aztec military army, who wanted something to not be exposed and not revealed. When they get closer, the more in danger they were  in and tried to be stopped by the Aztecs. Every step of the way, they did dig deeper into the history between the bell clipper from a lost ship, and the hidden meaning behind the symbolism. This would keep you up and off your seats for a fast read.

This was another fantastic action-adventure novel above and below the surface of the water. I love the marine theme and another NUMA series. I loved the central locations of Africa and the Aztecs for this series as well. I believe the Fargo couple make a formidable and excellent team. I did care about them, when they breached the rim of the mystery. This made for a great read, when you want to go on an adventure of your own.  Great drama, intense action for an explorable adventure, and plenty of suspense on every page.

Ready to search for a lost empire? Come on and pick up a copy today!

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  1. I enjoy fast-paced action adventures with marine themes as well.


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