Wednesday, November 9, 2011


If you love gripping legal thrillers, this is the one for you. In Confession, Travis Boyette, a dying man comes into a Kansas church and confesses that he killed a girl, eight years ago, when an innocent man is on Death Row, set to be executed by lethal injection in Texas. Keith Schroeder and Boyette travel to Texas to stop the execution, while Donte Drumm's lawyers tries everything to save his life. On the Day of the execution, Robbie Flak goes all out and asks for a stay, esp. when Boyette is taped to confess the murder and where he hid the body in Missouri. Everyone was skeptic and shocked, when they believe they got the right guy. After his execution, he's exonerated post-humorous, while Boyette is on the run and later caught. I can't tell you what happens in between. It's a great page-turner.

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