Monday, October 31, 2011

A Thrilll of Victory

If you love classic romances, you'll love this classic early contemporary romance. In Sandra Brown's A Thrill of Victory, Stevie Corbett was a famous tennis player who collapsed during a match. Judd Mackie was the journalist who was scooping her story. They had a love/hate relationship  as they became friends, when she revealed the secret about her ovarian cancer and the worries about her losing her dreams of having a baby. During the two weeks, they got to know each other better. They fall in love, while decisions were made, and Judd wrote a novel, while taking a break from the newspaper. They revealed things about each other. In the end, they do get a happy ending.

This was a beautiful easy read for one setting if you love good romances. I cared about Stevie and Judd so much. I cried throughout the entire novel, when I felt compassionate towards Stevie's ordeal and how Judd took care of her. The title said it all in the end. I love the tennis theme to the Texas location and setting for this story. Great romance, good non-stop action with tender romance and lots of love with hints of intrigue to the end.

Do you want a thrill of victory? Pick up a copy today!

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