Saturday, October 29, 2011


If you love great serial mysteries, you'll enjoy the next installment in the Decker/Lazarus storyline. In Hangman, Decker was reunited with Terry McLaughlin and Chris Whitman, a case from fifteen years ago in the book Justice, with their grown up 15-year-old son Gabriel. First it was a domestic violence dispute, then she disappeared. That left Gabe homeless, since his dad disappeared, too, when Decker took him in. As he approached sixty and grandfatherhood, he was on a case of Adrianna Blanc, who had been found hanging by a rope. On the case, they talked to her family and friends, and tried to figure out what went wrong at work. As they get closer, another dead body turned up, while they searched for cold cases and a trail to Las Vegas.  The pieces fall into place, when another victim was found burned alive and another man had disappeared on the scene. A great mystery.

This mystery was one of the finest in the Lazarus/Decker series.  I did love how this continued from Justice to her and later to Gun Games. I loved how Lazarus and Decker worked together to tackle those cases. That family had a lot on their hands with impending grandfatherhood for Decker and Lazarus with his oldest daughter Cindy. I did feel sorry for Gabe, who had a criminal father and a mother who took off to India. I didn't like how Adrianna was hanged by a noose to indicate suicide. I loved how Decker and Lazarus took him under their wings as foster parents and guardians. I loved the California backdrop as well. Great drama with a helluva tough storyline and tons of suspense.

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