Monday, April 29, 2013

Prime Time

Welcome to the world of broadcast journalism. In  Hank Phillippi Ryan's Prime Time,  the first installment in the Charlotte McNally mystery series, she took us inside Charlotte McNally's world. It all started with an email that posed as spam. That hooked Charlie on the story of her lifetime to get ready for Sweeps week for her TV station. And when she dug deeper, she became embroiled into a bigger scheme. Right in the heart of danger, things were what they seemed to be. It was now up to her and Franklin to pick up the pieces and connect the dots to this big mystery. And with a side of humor, she was introduced to Josh Gelston, a college professor, which started her blooming romance with him. With the powers to be breathed down her neck, it was a race to the finish before they get out-scooped by the newspapers. Plenty of twists and turns in this book to keep you hooked into suspense and guessing to the end.

This was a fascinating mystery that had all the highlights and low lights of the broadcast journalism world. I cared about Charlie and her quest to scoop a big story for her TV station. I liked her camaraderie with Franklin on they were on the hunt for a big story.  The Boston location and settings were pitch perfect and ideal for the broadcast journalism theme. This would make you want to keep on turning the pages non-stop with plenty of action, mystery, drama and intrigue.

Will you be ready for prime-time? If so, check it out today!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Don't Go

In Don't Go, Lisa Scottoline gave us another standalone from her legal thriller series. In this one, this was a moving and heart-breaking novel about Mike Scanlon. We saw everything happened from his eyes in a fast-paced page-turner. Mike Scanlon was an orthopedic surgeon and an Army Reservist overseas in Afghanistan. He had a loving wife and a baby daughter named Emily. But when he learned about Chloe's shocking death from a household accident, it changed his world forever. He returned home to his daughter and buried his wife. But he discovered some shocking secrets he didn't know about, while he was away. While searching for answers, things had changed for his medical practice, too. Not only did he lose his wife, when he returnsed back to war, he loses his right arm, too. And it changed him as he fought to be with Emily. And more surprises came in store along the way, too. Don't Go was a touching thriller that tug at the heart-strings that dealt with Mike's battles at the homefront and the warfront, too.

This one was so beautiful and powerful as a tear-jerker. I continued to care about Mike, when he dealt with one bad blow after another. But he kept on rolling with the punches and overcame every obstacle. I cared about Emily, too. We could see how strong how was, right to the end. This would move you to tears throughout the novel. I loved the war scenes in Afghanistan and his home turf, too.  Excellent tension, strong action and suspense, and great drama to grip you from beginning to end.

Please don't go without a copy to read today! Pick up a copy tonight!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hello Goodbye

In Emily Chenowith's heart-breaking  literary fiction debut novel, Hello Goodbye, she told us a beautiful heart-warming story about the Hansen family. They head to New Hampshire to spend one week together on vacation and for Abby's parents to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary. But this wasn't any ordinary special occasion. It was going to be one for Helen, Abby and Elliott Hansen to remember. We seaw it through their eyes, when they dealt with Helen's terminal diagnosis of brain cancer, when she had three more months left to life. We watched how Helen handled her illness, how Abby and Elliott coped with it, when they celebrated life with family and friends. For Abby, as a college freshmen home for the summer, she experienced love and a rebellious streak, when she was in a love triangle of her own. For Elliott, it was how he prepared for the future and protected Abby from the truth, until the end. 

This was a moving literary fiction novel, since I haven't really much in that genre. This taught us about life, love and loss, and moving on from that moment forward on. I really felt sorry for Helen and Elliott, who wanted to make this trip special for Abby, while holding their own. For Abby, this was a new experience for her in love and dealing with the blow of losing her mother to cancer. When it was told from their POVs, it meshed and came together to form a beautiful story together. I loved the vast idyllic location of New Hampshire for the locations and settings.  This would touch your heart deep down inside with humor, drama, love and some intrigue.

Will you check out Hello Goodbye with a tissue box today?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sworn to Silence

If you love mysteries with a great new twist, you'll enjoy Linda Castillo's Sworn to Silence, the first installment in the Kate Burkholder series. You would meet Chief of Police Kate Burkholder from Painter's Mill, a small Amish town in Ohio. For sixteen years, she kept a deep and dark secret that no one knew about, except her family. And when her town had been targeted by a serial killer, it brought back memories of their troubled time with the possibility of a copycat, making her question if he was dead or alive. Her father and religion had shunned her, the town council was out to get her, while she remained on the case. This mystery had thrown in some thriller elements and a hint of a romance. From Kate's POV, we saw everything from her eyes. We feel her pain and witness her not giving up to stop a serial killer. And before she knew it, it was right under her nose in her own turf. When the BCI sent over Agent John Tomasetti, we also watched things from his view as well. There was a love/hate relationship between him and Kate, when the sparks flew in the midst of a snow storm and serial killer spree. You'll root for Kate and John go after the bad guy, who's an unlikely suspect until the end.

This was an excellent mystery debut for the series. I cared about Kate and on how the Amish community shunned her and treated her as the new sheriff in town. I liked the Painter's Mill for a small Amish town set in Ohio, especially with the backdrop of a cold winter storm. I also liked how she worked well with John and see a possible love connection between them. Great drama, excellent suspense, intrigue, mystery with a hint of romance along the way.

Are you sworn to silence about this great mystery novel? If so, give it a go this weekend!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shooters and Chasers

If you loved the classic childhood game of cops and robbers, you'll love this hilarious police procedural thriller in Lenny Kleinfeld's Shooters and Chasers. It all started with a murder of a prominent Chicago architect, when the chase was on. When CPD's Detective Mark Bergman and John Dunegan were on the scene, they were after a killer or two across the country. There was plenty of humor packed into this police chase with shocking twists and turns between the cops (the chasers) and the shooters (the bad guys.) With every step they took, they watched the bad guys from false leads and many missteps to tie this together from Chicago to California.

For this intense thrillers, they were plenty chilling thrilling with a dose of good humor. I cared about Mark and John, when they worked this case together, coast to coast. I liked how fast-paced it was with gripping scenes on every turning page. I loved how it shifted gears from the midwestern region to the west coast. There were plenty of drama and suspense, when we do get inside Bergman's and Dunegan's head, and even the bad guys, too. We do know what they were thinking of doing next. You'll root for John and Mark in no time, until it comes to a head in the end. 

Grab a copy of Shooters and Chasers this holiday weekend!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Glitter Baby

In Susan Elizabeth Phillip's Glitter Baby, the 3rd installment in the Wynette Texas woman's fiction novel series, this story will warm your heart for this contemporary/historical romance.  You've been swept into the world of Fleur Savager and her life, past and present. This took us back to the 1960s and 1970s for a historical romance twist for some homegrown nostalgia with her own upbringing. All her life, people think she was special and beautiful. But to her, she was nothing but that, since there was something different about her. From a French convent and rushed into the limelight of modeling and acting, her father Alexi have treated her differently throughout this time. We saw her struggles with her career and on her love life, as she was grown up to become a most formidable and powerful opponent against him. There was a strong chemistry between her and Jake Koranda, a movie star in his own right, when they've been through hell and back to get back together. And when she learned a terrible family secret and her father's motives, she made a career of her own and became closer to her brother than before, who'd been awfully mistreated as well. Root for Fleur and Jake, the underdogs for this novel from start to finish with a most satisfying happy ending.

This was a charming and delightful woman's fiction novel that would tug at your own heart strings.  You'll be enchanted to learn about her life story and how she came into the world with struggles and heartaches of her own. I cared about Jake and Fleur's growing romance and despise her father and maybe her mother in its own way. I loved the vast locations from Europe to the USA for the various scenic settings in this gripping novel. You would fall in love with Fleur's story, since this had all the right fixings of romance, drama, action and intrigue, from start to finish.

Give Glitter Baby a read today!

The Seduction of Victor H.

In MJ Rose's The Seduction of Victor H., the 5th installment in the Reincarnationist thriller series, this novel would take you above and beyond. This one will take you to another level with a historical fiction angle. Set in Jersey Island, England, and New York City, we were introduced to Victor Hugo's quest to fight the devil's seduction to exchange souls with him, in order to win back his late daughter's soul in a new person. Later, we met Jacinthe "Jac" L'Etoile and Theo Gaspard, who met at a special clinic in their youth, and then were reunited on Jersey Island. Back and forth, M.J. Rose had interwoven the past and the present with interchanging POVs. We do get right into the heart of Jac's and Victor's worlds, how they struggled to fight the Devil's shadow and for their souls, and even further to a former past life of their own.

For this novel, this was another phenomenal thriller with historical fiction twist. I cared about Jac and Theo and become curious about the Victor Hugo connection to the past. I loved the dual locations of NYC and Jersey Island for the dual locations and settings for this novel. There were plenty of drama and shocking twists in both worlds, and how they intermingled when those lives collided in a startling end at the final climax. This novel would ask you the questions, what would you do to bring back the ones you loved from the dead, and how far would you go? Very enthralling for a thrill ride like none ever before with drama, action, suspense and intrigue with romance.

Will you be seduced today? If so, get ready to time travel.

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Quick Bite

In Lynsay Sands' A Quick Bite, the first installment in the Argeneau Vampire paranormal romance series, you're in for a treat in this quirky paranormal romance.  Lissianna Argeneau was a 200-year- old vampire vixen, who yearned to become independent from her demeaning and controlling family of bloodthirsty vampires. Meet Dr. Gregory Hewitt, a psychologist who'd been kidnapped by Lissi's mother to help her treat her phobia of blood. Quite unusual for a vampire, you think? But you'll love this unlikely love story between the two of them and root for them to be together. But someone had it in for Lissi. And it all started with her bite on his neck and the magic she had in them. The chemistry between them was hot and erotic, when there the danger lurked and romance bloomed. There was plenty of humor and some twists and turns for a great read to take a bite out of this paranormal romance series.

 This was a real intriguing paranormal romance debut for the series. It packed a punch of wicked twists and turns in this awkward love story. I do love the Paris setting and the US location for this novel, which worked well in twofold. I did care for Lissi and Greg, though they've made an unlikely couple of sorts. This would enchant you and compel you to read more than before with non-stop action, drama, romance, and a hint of intrigue.

Will you sink into a Quick Bite today? If so, get ready with a copy today!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rebel Island

In Rick Riordan's Rebel Island, the 7th installment in the Tres Navarre mystery series, get ready to get blown away in this mystery. When Tres decided to honeymoon on Rebel Island, a fictional island off the town of San Antonio, Texas, it was a living nightmare for him and his bride.. And what made matters worse, they were stuck in the middle of a hurricane. But when Tres discovered a U.S. Marshal's dead body, it made things really go from bad to worse, now he knew a killer was on the loose. It was up to Tres, his bride Maia, and the other hotel guests to stop the killer and prepare for the storm, while old memories from Tres' past were revealed.

This was a great installment to this novel with a disturbing twist of fate for the newlyweds. I cared for Tres and his bride, when they were stuck on that island with no way out. I liked the small island off of Texas to make for a perfect idyllic setting and location for a novel to take place over 24 hours. You do get sucked into the vortex of fast-paced action, drama, a hint of intrigue and suspense in this mystery from start to finish.

Don't get stuck on Rebel Island? Give it a read today!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

24 Hours

In Greg Iles's  24 Hours, the 2nd installment in the Mississippi thriller series, hold onto your hats and your seats. This took place in over 24 hours in real time action. It started off with the perfect kidnapping-for-ransom crime pulled off by a criminal mastermind. For four years, it had never failed, until the fifth time. When Will and Karen Jennings's little girl Abby was kidnapped, the clock started there. And this fifth kidnapping was different, except for the reason that Abby's Diabetic. And in this novel, we see what was inside the minds of Will, Karen, Abby, Joe Hickey and Huey in rapid-fact action. What will you do in 24 hours to save the ones you love? This novel begged the question with twists and turns, while the clock tick-tocked away. Hold your breath!

This was another compelling thriller from Greg Iles. I immediately cared for Will, Karen and Abby and didn't like Joe Hickey one bit. Huey was okay. I liked the Natchez Tennessee location and the vast settings from start to finish. This would hook you in and take you for a wild thrill ride, more like an emotional roller coaster ride. Great drama, good intense action, suspense, intrigue and a hint of mystery.

Will you check this book out in 24 Hours? If so, give it a try now!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Close Enough to Touch

In Victoria Dahl's Close Enough to Touch, the first book in the Jackson contemporary romance series, sh turned up the heat to cool you down and steam the windows in this novel, l. Grace Barrett was a former L.A. makeup artist and down in her luck, stuck in debt, and high-tailed it over to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She'd accepted free rent from her great-uncle and needed work fast, before her past caught up to her. Her next door neighbor was Cole Rawlins, a sexy cowboy who wanted to get underneath her skin and know her well. He had gotten a bum leg and had a Hollywood past of their own. But when a movie crews set up to do pre-production on his ranch, it stirred up a lot of trouble for their growing relationship and controversy amongst others. But what with Grace's purple wild hair and Cole's horsemanship skills were put to the test, they make an explosive couple with sexual chemistry that couldn't be beat. They escaped temptation and a belonging to be together and a new home of their own. We really saw Grace's struggles to cover her tracks and Cole's concerns about his ranch and his possible future. You'll be rooting for them to get together in no time.

This was an awesome and amazing contemporary romance. I cared about Grace and Cole, when we had gotten to know them much better. I loved the wildness of Grace to have purple hair and how Cole didn't mind. I found Jackson Hole was an ideal and perfect location for this novel with the surrealism of a ranch life. This would make you swoon for Cole and root for this couple with excellent drama, great romance, suspense, plenty of non-stop action and lots of intrigue.

Will you be close enough to touch love? If so, check it out today!

Monday, April 1, 2013

True Grey

In Clea Simon's True Grey, the 5th installment in the Dulcie Schwartz cozy mystery series, she returned for another gripping mystery that happened right under her nose. In this one, Dulcie who taught an English class at Harvard, was stuck in a bind. First it started with a dream. Later, it turned out to be a terrible reality. While she worked on her thesis, she discovered that someone else wrote about the subject on her paper. But things had gotten complicated, when she learned about a visiting scholar who was coming by the college, and came across a dead body. Now it was up to Dulcie and her friends to find out what was going on, while she felt the heat and pressure from the dean, and haven't seen much of her boyfriend Chris either. They believed she was a person of interest, when she was being framed by someone who had it in with her. We really saw what Dulcie struggled and went through, including some talks with her late cat, Mr. Grey, and her cat, Esme, to pose a thought or two for her. A little paranormal twist makes this a delightful feline cozy to read and enjoy.

This was an intriguing and compelling cat cozy with a hint of paranormal for a twist. I really did care about Dulcie and her relationship with Chris. There was so much going on in her life. I liked the Harvard settings and locations in Massachusetts. It was idealistic and true to nature of college life for students and faculty. This was a pleasurable cozy for light reading with its non-stop action, drama, intrigue and some mystery along the way.

Will you check out True Grey today? If so, give it a try!