Saturday, April 27, 2013

Don't Go

In Don't Go, Lisa Scottoline gave us another standalone from her legal thriller series. In this one, this was a moving and heart-breaking novel about Mike Scanlon. We saw everything happened from his eyes in a fast-paced page-turner. Mike Scanlon was an orthopedic surgeon and an Army Reservist overseas in Afghanistan. He had a loving wife and a baby daughter named Emily. But when he learned about Chloe's shocking death from a household accident, it changed his world forever. He returned home to his daughter and buried his wife. But he discovered some shocking secrets he didn't know about, while he was away. While searching for answers, things had changed for his medical practice, too. Not only did he lose his wife, when he returnsed back to war, he loses his right arm, too. And it changed him as he fought to be with Emily. And more surprises came in store along the way, too. Don't Go was a touching thriller that tug at the heart-strings that dealt with Mike's battles at the homefront and the warfront, too.

This one was so beautiful and powerful as a tear-jerker. I continued to care about Mike, when he dealt with one bad blow after another. But he kept on rolling with the punches and overcame every obstacle. I cared about Emily, too. We could see how strong how was, right to the end. This would move you to tears throughout the novel. I loved the war scenes in Afghanistan and his home turf, too.  Excellent tension, strong action and suspense, and great drama to grip you from beginning to end.

Please don't go without a copy to read today! Pick up a copy tonight!

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