Sunday, April 7, 2013

24 Hours

In Greg Iles's  24 Hours, the 2nd installment in the Mississippi thriller series, hold onto your hats and your seats. This took place in over 24 hours in real time action. It started off with the perfect kidnapping-for-ransom crime pulled off by a criminal mastermind. For four years, it had never failed, until the fifth time. When Will and Karen Jennings's little girl Abby was kidnapped, the clock started there. And this fifth kidnapping was different, except for the reason that Abby's Diabetic. And in this novel, we see what was inside the minds of Will, Karen, Abby, Joe Hickey and Huey in rapid-fact action. What will you do in 24 hours to save the ones you love? This novel begged the question with twists and turns, while the clock tick-tocked away. Hold your breath!

This was another compelling thriller from Greg Iles. I immediately cared for Will, Karen and Abby and didn't like Joe Hickey one bit. Huey was okay. I liked the Natchez Tennessee location and the vast settings from start to finish. This would hook you in and take you for a wild thrill ride, more like an emotional roller coaster ride. Great drama, good intense action, suspense, intrigue and a hint of mystery.

Will you check this book out in 24 Hours? If so, give it a try now!

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