Saturday, April 6, 2013

Close Enough to Touch

In Victoria Dahl's Close Enough to Touch, the first book in the Jackson contemporary romance series, sh turned up the heat to cool you down and steam the windows in this novel, l. Grace Barrett was a former L.A. makeup artist and down in her luck, stuck in debt, and high-tailed it over to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She'd accepted free rent from her great-uncle and needed work fast, before her past caught up to her. Her next door neighbor was Cole Rawlins, a sexy cowboy who wanted to get underneath her skin and know her well. He had gotten a bum leg and had a Hollywood past of their own. But when a movie crews set up to do pre-production on his ranch, it stirred up a lot of trouble for their growing relationship and controversy amongst others. But what with Grace's purple wild hair and Cole's horsemanship skills were put to the test, they make an explosive couple with sexual chemistry that couldn't be beat. They escaped temptation and a belonging to be together and a new home of their own. We really saw Grace's struggles to cover her tracks and Cole's concerns about his ranch and his possible future. You'll be rooting for them to get together in no time.

This was an awesome and amazing contemporary romance. I cared about Grace and Cole, when we had gotten to know them much better. I loved the wildness of Grace to have purple hair and how Cole didn't mind. I found Jackson Hole was an ideal and perfect location for this novel with the surrealism of a ranch life. This would make you swoon for Cole and root for this couple with excellent drama, great romance, suspense, plenty of non-stop action and lots of intrigue.

Will you be close enough to touch love? If so, check it out today!

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