Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rebel Island

In Rick Riordan's Rebel Island, the 7th installment in the Tres Navarre mystery series, get ready to get blown away in this mystery. When Tres decided to honeymoon on Rebel Island, a fictional island off the town of San Antonio, Texas, it was a living nightmare for him and his bride.. And what made matters worse, they were stuck in the middle of a hurricane. But when Tres discovered a U.S. Marshal's dead body, it made things really go from bad to worse, now he knew a killer was on the loose. It was up to Tres, his bride Maia, and the other hotel guests to stop the killer and prepare for the storm, while old memories from Tres' past were revealed.

This was a great installment to this novel with a disturbing twist of fate for the newlyweds. I cared for Tres and his bride, when they were stuck on that island with no way out. I liked the small island off of Texas to make for a perfect idyllic setting and location for a novel to take place over 24 hours. You do get sucked into the vortex of fast-paced action, drama, a hint of intrigue and suspense in this mystery from start to finish.

Don't get stuck on Rebel Island? Give it a read today!

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