Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sworn to Silence

If you love mysteries with a great new twist, you'll enjoy Linda Castillo's Sworn to Silence, the first installment in the Kate Burkholder series. You would meet Chief of Police Kate Burkholder from Painter's Mill, a small Amish town in Ohio. For sixteen years, she kept a deep and dark secret that no one knew about, except her family. And when her town had been targeted by a serial killer, it brought back memories of their troubled time with the possibility of a copycat, making her question if he was dead or alive. Her father and religion had shunned her, the town council was out to get her, while she remained on the case. This mystery had thrown in some thriller elements and a hint of a romance. From Kate's POV, we saw everything from her eyes. We feel her pain and witness her not giving up to stop a serial killer. And before she knew it, it was right under her nose in her own turf. When the BCI sent over Agent John Tomasetti, we also watched things from his view as well. There was a love/hate relationship between him and Kate, when the sparks flew in the midst of a snow storm and serial killer spree. You'll root for Kate and John go after the bad guy, who's an unlikely suspect until the end.

This was an excellent mystery debut for the series. I cared about Kate and on how the Amish community shunned her and treated her as the new sheriff in town. I liked the Painter's Mill for a small Amish town set in Ohio, especially with the backdrop of a cold winter storm. I also liked how she worked well with John and see a possible love connection between them. Great drama, excellent suspense, intrigue, mystery with a hint of romance along the way.

Are you sworn to silence about this great mystery novel? If so, give it a go this weekend!

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