Monday, April 29, 2013

Prime Time

Welcome to the world of broadcast journalism. In  Hank Phillippi Ryan's Prime Time,  the first installment in the Charlotte McNally mystery series, she took us inside Charlotte McNally's world. It all started with an email that posed as spam. That hooked Charlie on the story of her lifetime to get ready for Sweeps week for her TV station. And when she dug deeper, she became embroiled into a bigger scheme. Right in the heart of danger, things were what they seemed to be. It was now up to her and Franklin to pick up the pieces and connect the dots to this big mystery. And with a side of humor, she was introduced to Josh Gelston, a college professor, which started her blooming romance with him. With the powers to be breathed down her neck, it was a race to the finish before they get out-scooped by the newspapers. Plenty of twists and turns in this book to keep you hooked into suspense and guessing to the end.

This was a fascinating mystery that had all the highlights and low lights of the broadcast journalism world. I cared about Charlie and her quest to scoop a big story for her TV station. I liked her camaraderie with Franklin on they were on the hunt for a big story.  The Boston location and settings were pitch perfect and ideal for the broadcast journalism theme. This would make you want to keep on turning the pages non-stop with plenty of action, mystery, drama and intrigue.

Will you be ready for prime-time? If so, check it out today!

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