Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Glitter Baby

In Susan Elizabeth Phillip's Glitter Baby, the 3rd installment in the Wynette Texas woman's fiction novel series, this story will warm your heart for this contemporary/historical romance.  You've been swept into the world of Fleur Savager and her life, past and present. This took us back to the 1960s and 1970s for a historical romance twist for some homegrown nostalgia with her own upbringing. All her life, people think she was special and beautiful. But to her, she was nothing but that, since there was something different about her. From a French convent and rushed into the limelight of modeling and acting, her father Alexi have treated her differently throughout this time. We saw her struggles with her career and on her love life, as she was grown up to become a most formidable and powerful opponent against him. There was a strong chemistry between her and Jake Koranda, a movie star in his own right, when they've been through hell and back to get back together. And when she learned a terrible family secret and her father's motives, she made a career of her own and became closer to her brother than before, who'd been awfully mistreated as well. Root for Fleur and Jake, the underdogs for this novel from start to finish with a most satisfying happy ending.

This was a charming and delightful woman's fiction novel that would tug at your own heart strings.  You'll be enchanted to learn about her life story and how she came into the world with struggles and heartaches of her own. I cared about Jake and Fleur's growing romance and despise her father and maybe her mother in its own way. I loved the vast locations from Europe to the USA for the various scenic settings in this gripping novel. You would fall in love with Fleur's story, since this had all the right fixings of romance, drama, action and intrigue, from start to finish.

Give Glitter Baby a read today!

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