Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shooters and Chasers

If you loved the classic childhood game of cops and robbers, you'll love this hilarious police procedural thriller in Lenny Kleinfeld's Shooters and Chasers. It all started with a murder of a prominent Chicago architect, when the chase was on. When CPD's Detective Mark Bergman and John Dunegan were on the scene, they were after a killer or two across the country. There was plenty of humor packed into this police chase with shocking twists and turns between the cops (the chasers) and the shooters (the bad guys.) With every step they took, they watched the bad guys from false leads and many missteps to tie this together from Chicago to California.

For this intense thrillers, they were plenty chilling thrilling with a dose of good humor. I cared about Mark and John, when they worked this case together, coast to coast. I liked how fast-paced it was with gripping scenes on every turning page. I loved how it shifted gears from the midwestern region to the west coast. There were plenty of drama and suspense, when we do get inside Bergman's and Dunegan's head, and even the bad guys, too. We do know what they were thinking of doing next. You'll root for John and Mark in no time, until it comes to a head in the end. 

Grab a copy of Shooters and Chasers this holiday weekend!

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