Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Seduction of Victor H.

In MJ Rose's The Seduction of Victor H., the 5th installment in the Reincarnationist thriller series, this novel would take you above and beyond. This one will take you to another level with a historical fiction angle. Set in Jersey Island, England, and New York City, we were introduced to Victor Hugo's quest to fight the devil's seduction to exchange souls with him, in order to win back his late daughter's soul in a new person. Later, we met Jacinthe "Jac" L'Etoile and Theo Gaspard, who met at a special clinic in their youth, and then were reunited on Jersey Island. Back and forth, M.J. Rose had interwoven the past and the present with interchanging POVs. We do get right into the heart of Jac's and Victor's worlds, how they struggled to fight the Devil's shadow and for their souls, and even further to a former past life of their own.

For this novel, this was another phenomenal thriller with historical fiction twist. I cared about Jac and Theo and become curious about the Victor Hugo connection to the past. I loved the dual locations of NYC and Jersey Island for the dual locations and settings for this novel. There were plenty of drama and shocking twists in both worlds, and how they intermingled when those lives collided in a startling end at the final climax. This novel would ask you the questions, what would you do to bring back the ones you loved from the dead, and how far would you go? Very enthralling for a thrill ride like none ever before with drama, action, suspense and intrigue with romance.

Will you be seduced today? If so, get ready to time travel.

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