Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blood Dreams

In the tenth installment of Kay Hooper's Bishop/Special Crimes Unit, Blood Dreams, Kay Hooper brought in the heat and the suspense intensity real high. For Dani, she had the ability to see dreams and look into the minds of a serial killer who had dreams of death. For her and the SCU team, they were after him and finding the connections between him and a couple of missing people, which had continued from the first installment of the series. But the closer they were on finding one of their own was missing and a possible target, the shocking truth was Dani's twin sister Paris's life was at stake, before it might've been too late for them to save her.

This was a terrific paranormal thriller in the series. I continued to care for Dani and her twin and for the rest of the Special Crimes Unit team. I didn't like the serial killer and his twisted business one bit.  He gave me the creeps and the chills. I loved the continuation of the series and the central location of the Washington D.C. area for the settings.  Great drama, excellent non-stop action with plenty of chilling suspense and lots of intrigue of the psychic world.

Will you encounter any blood dreams tonight? If no, give this one a try!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Once and Always

From best-selling historical romance author, Elizabeth Hoyt, she ventured into the contemporary romance genre as Julia Harper. In Once and Always, it started with a chase encounter for Coot Lake Police Officer Sam West who stopped beautiful Maisa "May" Burney for a routine stop. They had an one-night encounter awhile ago and met on the highway. From there, Maisa had been on the run from Sam and from the Russian mafia. This half-Russian beauty was the daughter of an American prosecutor and a Russian mother.  But although she couldn't stop Sam, the chemistry between them was red-hot and sexy under the sheets. He swore to protect her with his wife, when there's been many attempts on her life and her family's with a bomb. But in the end, they've gotten together to sorted their feelings out and confessed their love.

This was a beautiful contemporary romance for this love story. This was a heart-breaker and a tear-jerker that made me cry. I cared about Maisa and Sam and their background of their story on how they met. I loved the winter scene for a small town as in Coot Lake, Minnesota. This moved me to tears and sigh a couple of times. You'll fall in love with them, too.  Great romance, terrific action with sweet love and lots of intrigue to keep you involved with their adventure.

Will you find true love, once and always? If so, grab a copy that's out today!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Through the Grinder

In the second installment of Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse Mystery culinary cozy series, Through the Grinder, this was one of the most intense and wild mysteries yet to date. For Clare Cosi, the joint was jumping in the Village Blend Coffeehouse with coffee enthusiasts. But someone had been bumping off her female customers by "pushing" them to their death. When Joy wanted to try online dating, Clare decided to join her and keep an eye on her prospects. From there, she met all sorts of people, including a possible new love interest, and a crazy maniac. When Mike Quinn had his eye on him as a suspect, it was up to Clare and Matteo to clear his name and find the real culprit, when the killer had their eye on their daughter and save her life. The ending was a surprising and shocking twist!

This was another terrific culinary cozy in the Coffeehouse Mystery series. I loved the concept of the online dating/speed-dating scene set in New York City. And at the coffeehouse, it was a perfect place to do it. I didn't like Brooks Newsman. He really gave me the creeps. I loved Clare and Bruce as a couple. But his ex-wife was a jealous nutcase.  I felt the same devastating blow as Clare did it the ending that I don't want to give away. Great drama, great recipes and intense non-stop action for a perfect light read in this storyline for a good mystery.

Don't let this go through the grinder? Pick up a copy today!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Full Throttle

In the 7th installment of Erin McCarthy's Fast Track Sports-themed Contemporary romance series, Full Throttle, she took us on a wild fast track and a wild ride. Shawn Hamby was the owner of her family-owned race track, while she was on a bind for financial reasons. She needed to get married within a month to save her track, or lose it entirely. That's when she met Rhett Ford, one of the pit crew members, who was hot for her and a couple years younger than her. The chemistry between them was hot and steamy, when they entered into a marriage of convenience. And before they knew it, they fell in love and wanted to make it a real deal and married for love. There's tons of humor and erotic sex scenes to steam up the windows in your bedroom.

This was a great sports-themed contemporary romance. I loved the chemistry between Rhett and Shawn. I also cared about them, when their marriage of convenience turned into a real romance of love. I love the location of the South Carolinas and the racetrack for this series. This made me swoon for Rhett, when the bedroom scenes was steamy and sexy altogether. Great drama, excellent romance with intense non-stop action and plenty of intrigue into this romance novel.

Will you turn up the heat and go full throttle?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hot Enough to Kill

In the first installment of Paula Boyd's Jolene Jackson Mystery series, Hot Enough to Kill, it would take you in a fast-paced adventure with plenty of twists for turns. When Jolene Jackson returned to Kickapoo, Texas, she learned her mother was in jail, the mayor was murdered, and it was hotter than blazes outside. But little did she know she would get embroiled into a political conspiracy of corruption and greed. Now only that and her mother Lucille were both shot, so were two cops who were trying to help them out. Jolene wanted a second shot with her ex-fiance, who was also divorced at the sane time as her, when it didn't work out. As they uncovered the plot, the closer they were on knowing the truth on who killed the mayor and who were gunning after them.

This was a great introduction to the Jolene Jackson mystery series. It had great moments of humor and great bonding between Jolene and her mother Lucille. I cared about both of them and even Jerry Don, while people like Amy and Leroy I couldn't stand, especially Bony Butt. I didn't like Susan and hated how she used people to get her own way. I loved the dual locations of Kickapoo and Redwater Falls, Texas. Both were picturesque for a small town cozy mystery series. Great drama, excellent non-stop suspense and plenty of intrigue and humor to keep you guessing and laughing in stitches to the end.

Will you find it hot enough to kill today? Pick up a copy right now!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Killer Cupcakes

In the first installment of the Lexy Baker Bakery Mystery from Leighann Dobbs, Killer Cupcakes, we were introduced to Lexy Baker and her dog Sparkles. Lexy owned a local bakery with her best friend Cassie, when she'd gotten embroiled into a messy mystery. First, she met her new neighbor, hunky Detective Jack Perillo, who was also a local cop. But when she was a chief suspect of poisoning her ex-boyfriend, it was up to Lexy to clear her name with the help of her grandmother and her friends, and save her bakery business, before it was too late.

This was a charming new culinary cozy series to try and dig your teeth into. In this light read, I cared about Lexy and her bakery business and her relationship with Jack. To have a handsome cop next door as your neighbor made a wonderful pairing for a couple. I didn't like the sleazy Jason one bit. I thought Nans and her friends was a nice touch to help Lexy out. I also loved the culinary recipe to make the same cupcake tops, too. I loved the small town feeling in New England for the perfect location and setting. Great drama, nice non-stop action for a quick read, and good mystery to wrap up towards the ends.

Want some killer cupcakes to try? Give this one a go!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Special review: A Finer End from December 2008

In the 7th installment of Deborah Crombie's Kincaid/James series, A Finer End, they were sent on another amazing case to solve.  When Duncan's cousin Jack called from Gastonbury and asked him for his help, he welcomed a break from London to spend a relaxing weekend with Gemma.  Gastonbury was a revered site of an ancient abbey. Jack had more than a passing interest in its history, when he came across an ancient 1000-year old chronicle. The record revealed its shocking and bloody peaceful past that would cause violence. So now it was up to Gemma and Duncan to find out about the truth the local police should see, when no one envisioned what perils lie ahead or what was more at stake.

This was another fabulous Kincaid/James mystery in the series. I continued to care about Gemma and Duncan as they grew closer together as a couple and worked together in the Metro Yard Police Department.  I loved the eerie location of Gastonbury for the settings for this novel, too. This would make you feel cold and numb and speechless in the end. Great drama, excellent non-stop action and suspense to send you shivers down your spine, and real good intrigue and mystery to keep you hooked on reading.

Will you reach a finer end? Give this book a try today!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Living Proof

In Kira Peikoff's Living Proof, she tackled the ever-present debate of stem cell usage into the future. In 2027, Dr. Arianna Drake ran an embryo clinic for patients to donate their eggs for medical research. But for Arianna, she battled the fight to live and walk with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. She had a fighting cause for it. For Trent Rowe, he was an undercover agent for the Department of Embryo Protection who was on her case. But as he'd gotten to know about her, he started to care for her and switch gears and sides. As soon as he was shown her secret lab, it caused friction between her and her esteemed colleagues. As the DEFP cracked down and changed surveillance policy, it was a race against time to save Arianna's life, when it was fight against their survival.

This was a great futuristic medical thriller.  It tackled present-day debates on stem cell medical research. I really cared about Arianna and her health, and also about Trent, too. I didn't like Dopp too much. I loved the future outlook in 20 years from her on the topic of medical research. I loved the New York City settings to make it surreal for the location. This accelerated my heart rate and made me broke out in a cold sweat. Great drama, excellent non-stop action and suspense, and plenty of intrigue and mystery right to the shocking conclusion.

Ready to examine living proof? Check it out today!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Keys of Heaven

In the 2nd installment of Adina Senft's Healing Grace Christian inspirational romance series, Keys of Heaven, we learned about Sarah Yoder and her Amish community in Pennsylvania. Sarah was a widow and a single mother of two sons, while she learned to become a herbalist healer by growing her own plants. She couldn't help but interfere in other's lives, like healping Linda Peachey conceive a child, when her in-laws try to play matchmaker with a family friend. In this romance, we learn about God's ways through Eric Parker, a young English teen who wanted to become a potter like Henry Byler, and how Priscilla cared for her family and worked in the inn with Ginny. Sarah learned to let God guide the others in his own way, too.

This was a beautiful inspirational romance about healing and letting God guide your way with faith. We also learned about herbalism by growing our own plants for our own medical needs. I cared about Sarah Yoder and her family. I didn't like Justin Parker, but I thought Eric was a bit okay. I also cared about Henry Byler and Priscilla Rose as well. I loved the rural Pennsylvania location with the farms and Amish community for the settings. This made you a bit of a believer on having faith with God's ways. Good romance, great drama with light non-stop action and plenty of intrigue and mystery.

Will you find your own keys of heaven today? Check it out now!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Share in Death

In the first installment of Deborah Crombie's Duncan Kincaid and Gemma series British mystery series, A Share in Death, we get to know this dynamic duo in this mystery debut. When Superintendent Duncan Kincaid went on holiday to a Yorkshire time-share hotel, he got more than he bargained for during his stay. He met an interesting array of characters who also stayed there. But when Sebastian Wade drowned in the pool, it was anything but an accident. That's when he needed his partner, Gemma James, a divorced single mother to help him with the inquiries of the other time-share hotel guests there. Between an assault and another murder, they've learned more secrets and lies, deception and betrayal and blackmail. In the end, they couldn't believe who done it and why, before his holiday was over.

This was a terrific Kincaid/James debut from Deborah Crombie. We do get to care about Kincaid and James and to get to know them well and better for future installments in this series. We also cared about Hannah and the other hotel guests. I loved the time-share hotel in Yorkshire, England, and the surroundings in the area. This would make you think and second-guess who done it and why in the end. Great drama, excellent non-stop action and intrigue with plenty of mystery to the climax.

Do you want a share in death? If so, pick up a copy today!

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Rancher

In the first installment of Kelli Ann Morgan's Redbourne series, the Rancher, we were introduced to the Redbourne family in the wild west. For Abby McAllister, she wanted a husband and a ranch of her own, even if she was a tomboy. For Cole Redbourne, he was a rancher who wasn't ready to settle down, when he wanted a ranch of his own. Before he headed out to Colorado, he had a mission to find out who murdered his best friend, when he inherited two vast lands. For Cole and Abby, they've gotten "married" and were in a wild ride of their life, between secrets and lies, revenge and betrayal with danger, they followed their hearts and loved each other forever.

This was a real beautiful historical/western romance. This would warm your heart and make you swoon. I cared about Abby and Cole, when they've found their way to each other. I also cared about Lily and Cole's family, when I despised Jeremiah Carson and Mary Beth and Norah. I loved the dual locations of Kansas and Colorado--Silver Falls sounded like a beautiful place to me. Great drama, plenty of non-stop action and intrigue with lots of romance, when you'll root for Abby and Cole, too.

Will you meet the new rancher? Stop by with a new copy today!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Dead and the Dying

In the first installment of Amy Cross's Joanna Mason thriller series, the Dead and the Dying, this thriller was told in four big parts by three POVs. Joanna Mason was a police detective for the NYPD, when this whole ball of yarn started to unravel on the 12th anniversary of the Sam Gazade serial murders--the same day he was to be executed. Joanna was one of his victims, the only who escaped him and was severely injured. Now she was dealing with her second round of breast cancer, something she haven't told her colleagues, when there was another rash of serial crimes that copycatted Gazade's murder with a twist. But she never encountered two twisted people, Dr. Alice Huston, a criminal mastermind and a psychology professor at the local university, and Paula Clarke, her student who should manipulated. It was up to Joanna to put the pieces together and stop her in the tracks.

This was an interesting thriller. I did feel bad for Paula for having a rough childhood. I didn't like Gazade and Alice Huston one bit. I did care about Joanna and her cancer diagnosis, and how she suffered the same fate twice. I also cared about Dawson as well. I liked the New York City area for the location for this novel's settings. There's some grisly and graphic scenes, when it dealt with the murders, that made it like a horror novel in a way.  Great drama, lots of real good non-stop action and suspense, and plenty of intrigue and mystery, too.

Check it out today!